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20 Unlucky People Who Had The Worst Interviews With A Future Boss

Some job interviews are truly awful. We all anticipate that if our job interview goes well, we can unwind. However, not everything in life is rosy. Despite our best efforts and preparation, a lot of mishaps occur off-track before and after the interview that we are unable to prevent. Failure at a job interview has thus become a fascinating subject in our day-to-day lives. Keep in mind that everyone has failed a job interview at least once. A wasp stung someone just before a job interview. Another person waited for the interviewer for approximately an hour while sitting on the chair. As a result, you shouldn’t stress too much over your mistakes.

People are posting online about their “wonderful” experiences meeting their future boss during an interview. And we’ve compiled some of the worse ones so you can feel bad for those people. For a look at them, scroll down. Please feel free to share any comparable experiences you may have had with your future boss in the comments section as well.

#1. Didn’t realize my shorts had a massive rip in them until after my interview today

Source: samuelchasan

#2. 100% lol

Source: cynical-mage

#3. Just got stung by a wasp and I have a job interview later today… can’t even talk right

Source: isakhwaja

#4. So I was heading to a job interview and accidentally spilled coffee all over me just before the interview. Not the best first impression I suppose…

Source: Mikrobeast

#5. Sitting here for over an hour waiting to be interviewed

Source: Flat_Mechanic_8229

#6. Car broke down, all the mechanics are closed. I’m 200 miles from home and I have a job interview at the morning

Source: lyyra

#7. Well

Source: lil_ho_on_da_prairie

#8. Well here we are 30 minutes before a job interview and my dog decided to hide with my only copies of my resume

Source: Sloob

#9. Had an interview, and asked the guy to medium dice me an onion…

Source: TheCulinaryKid

#10. On my way to a job interview and this had to go ahead and happen

Source: FatimahGianna2

Interviews can be really exhausting when you have a crippling anxiety and fear of being rejected, Besides handling so much, if something fails, you just cannot go about the interview. I hope it neve happened to you. Keep scrolling for more dose of entertainment .

#11. Put on two different shoes and have an interview today

Source: wyjohn427

#12. Best answer

Source: SnackBraff69

#13. My shower head broke off while I was covered in shampoo, trying to prepare for my first ever job interview

Source: JustASwedishTeen

#14. About to arrive for an interview in a new suit, realize they left the tag on…

Source: balf92

#15. Poor you

Source: Adept_Solution6401

#16. Got this Carvel cake to congratulate my sister on her new job. I should have looked at it before I left the shop!

Source: dog_walkers

#17. Have an interview tomorrow and box said it’d be dark grey/black(smokey)

Source: Gloriuoslylame

#18. Poison oak and an upoming presentation? Here’s a bee sting and a job interview in 4 hours time!

Source: R0XiDE

#19. Car broke down, all the mechanics are closed. I’m 200 miles from home and I have a job interview at the morning

Source: lyyra

#20. Got something in my eye seconds before my interview. Enjoyed crying out of one eye during the interview

Source: AVA_NAVI

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