20 Volunteers From Animal Shelters Shared Pics That Prove They Have The Best Job Ever

Volunteering at animal shelters is an amazing experience.

One should never judge any animal that gets rescued and is brought into a shelter. You don’t know their story, what they went through to get to this point. Some poor animals get abandoned by their previous owners because apparently they lost love for them or taking care gets too expensive and difficult. Why would you adopt an animal without taking into account all the consequences that you might face? Dumb people! The second kind is the stray animals that get rescued by shelter companies and are brought in for care and grooming until they are ready for adoption. These animals are usually very hurt and their confidence is totally shattered by how their life had been for long.


But one thing you should know is that these animals are full of sweetness and love. They overflow with it. It’s just that all that goodness is stuck in there under that pile of depression, and hurt. At animal shelters, these animals are allowed to regain confidence, build that trust in life and restart with a new chapter of experiences and happiness. And that happiness is best received by the volunteers that work at these animal shelters. They are the ones who interact with all the animals first hand and put in the effort to teach them relationship building.

Let’s look at 20 instances of animals at shelters providing volunteers with the best experience. They feel totally rewarded. Time to enjoy some wholesomeness.

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1. “My mom volunteers for an animal rescue. She sent me this.”

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2. “This fluffy boy came into the shelter I work at.”


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3. “I was photographing dogs for the humane society and out of nowhere, this dog attacked me.”


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4. “My local animal shelter posted this little purrito.”


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5. “A volunteer at our local cat rescue turned on the vacuum.”


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6. “I fulfilled one of my life dreams this summer…I got to volunteer with sloths!”


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7. “I volunteer at a wildlife rehab. This is our 1-year-old beaver giving me a hug because she missed me over the winter..or maybe she wanted the apple I had.”


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8. “Local shelter posted these little ones on FB. Titled ‘Golden Raindrops in April.’ “


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9. “I volunteer at an animal shelter. This brother and sister gave me lots of feels.”


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10. “My local shelter posted this picture! Such a sweetie pie!”


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This is so adorable and pure. I love animals. They are literally the best and we really don’t deserve them. And the thing that makes me sad is when they all put in the effort to make everyone around them happy it breaks my heart to know what these poor things had been through all their lives.

I am just happy that they are all on the path to goodness and happiness. Let’s enjoy some more stories and images of adorable shelter animals.

11. “I love my job. This is Furby, one of our educational screech owls at the Wildlife Rehabilitation I volunteer at.”

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12. “This is ‘Jinkies’. She came to our animal rescue facility with her brother and sister after they were found by an individual. She has a genetic eye condition that makes her partially blind. That doesn’t stop her though!”


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13. Little ‘roo on the floor.

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14. “This is what life is like when you volunteer at an animal sanctuary.”


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15. Oh my god this adorbs is only 2 weeks old.

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16. “My local humane society has a tough time getting any work done sometimes.”


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17. Meet Sunday and Vicky. 2 charmers of the sanctuary.

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18. “I work for an animal shelter so sometimes I foster kittens. Meet Sunflower.”


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19. “My daughter volunteering at our local shelter, helping feed the puppies. She was taken down and overpowered by adorableness.”

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20. “This very young Albino Squirrel turned up at the wildlife hospital I used to volunteer at.”


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