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30 Animal Panorama Fails That Are So Too Hilarious

Panorama photography is frequently used to capture the beauty of a wide mountain range or a bright beach when a simple photograph cannot adequately depict the scene. The term “panorama” refers to a technique that involves the use of specialized equipment or software to create photographs with horizontally expanded fields of vision.

The camera gets its job done if the subjects aren’t moving. Like a mountain, it won’t move, right? But what if someone happens to walk into the frame while you’re taking the picture, it will transform that person into a hilarious Cerberus or some other monster.

Anyways, we noticed that some cheerful animal panorama pictures needed to be placed in a separate list from our epic list of panorama shots. That is why we have compiled a collection of animal genre panoramas for you all because we want your room to be full of laughter. So, keep scrolling down and have fun!

1. Panoramic shot of a loaf cat!

Via Leila Ard

2. We love these kinds of panorama fails. A Cerberus!

Via Pufferchung

It’s perfectly alright to photograph your pet with two tails or four legs when taking a good picture of them. But, you’d have a much more serious problem if all of your photos turned out this way!

It all started when Alexandra Robins was photographing dogs in landscapes for her final thesis at university and realized she had a natural talent for it. She stated: “Before that, I actually always had aspirations to become a wildlife photographer but dogs were a much easier subject to get hold of for my project. My love for it grew from there and I decided to start my own business a couple of years after.

Photographers of pets work in a more restricted setting than those who shoot in wildlife, but they still have to deal with various difficulties. Photojournalist Robins says “Young dogs and puppies sometimes have lots of energy which can lead to great action shots but it can make it tricky to create pretty portraits,”

Robins said, “I ask owners to walk their energetic dogs before the session.” She also stated: “When photographing cats, not all of them are outgoing and they are sometimes a little timid. I’ve had to gently persuade them to come out of hiding with toys and treats.”

3. He looks like a compact doggo!

Via rigbyrescue

4. When a single panorama shot turns a doggo into Anteater.


A pet photographer in Dallas, Texas named Jenna Regan said the same thing. “The trickiest challenge I face when photographing pets is that each of them is different and requires me to adapt my approach,” Regan once informed: “All these decisions and connections are happening pretty quickly with pets I’ve likely just met.”

“I have to be prepared and guide my clients and their pets into the best possible situations for their needs. I can’t start a session expecting each pet to react the same way or be ready or willing to do the same things as any other previous pet. It’s important to stay patient, read the pet’s body language, and set the pet up for success.”

Furthermore, the entire experience can be enjoyable for both you and your pet. Regan, who selected this career after taking a photography class in her final year of college, believes it all comes down to how you approach it. “One tip is to set yourself and your pet up for success by making it fun and incorporating your pet’s favorite things and activities. Before your pet is in front of the camera, decide where, when, and how.”

5. A “Corgi-pillar”!

Via N_ONE1128

6. Those peculiar human eyes!

Via sophjas

According to the photographer: “Using my puppy, an 8-month-old Catahoula named Rowdy, as an example, I know he would do better in a quieter environment with fewer distractions so that’s the type of location I’d be looking for,”

The photographer explained. “Also, I know he is high-energy, so we are going to play and explore for quite a while before I start photographing him. I’d have all his favorite treats and toys so I could keep his attention and make it interesting. And since he is young and still so much a puppy, I also wouldn’t worry as much about whether he is sitting, standing, or positioned a certain way as long as he was focusing on me and listening.”

Want to know her number one tip? It’s to go with the flow and be patient. Regan said: “I often find my favorite photos and moments during a photography session occur when I’m truly letting each pet be themselves and explore and interact in their own way.”

“I’m a big fan of bribery. I always make sure to reward the pets I photograph with their favorite things whether it’s toys, treats, attention, or even all three. And the bottom line is really to remember to have fun with it! Keep photographing, rewarding your pet, and making it fun. Both you and your pet will get better and better at it!”

7. Doesn’t this dog on the right side resembles a Predator?

Via Shelby Bender Gareau

8. Have you ever seen a five-tailed doggy?

Via triggerbombz

Alexandra Robins once added: “Learning animal behavior and doing research on the animals you photograph will help you a huge deal when it comes to managing them and more importantly, you learn what not to do so that your pet is always happy and comfortable,”

In terms of specifics, Robins claims that getting down on the animal’s level allows you to capture the greatest, most attractive shots.

“Yummy treats on hand or squeaky noises will help get them to look at you although, don’t overuse these too much or they may get bored. Avoid photographing them in harsh, bright sun or dark spots like under lots of trees. Keep an eye out for any dark shadows and make sure they’re evenly lit instead. I shoot when it’s overcast or under light shade.”

Most importantly, don’t force anything, and don’t rush your pet. “Take your time and even take playtime breaks,” Robins said. “They are in tune with our emotions and can tell when we are stressed which will reflect on them.”

9. A Giraffe neck!

Via juliannacordray

10. His name is Dewey, and he is the best dog ever. He’s a Yellow Lab/Retriever with four legs on good days.

Via Sadie Swicker

11. The 2020 Chevy Dogerado, with 800 Bork Power, a Reinforced Tail-Hitch, and 32 Treat Bags to the Gallon.

Via panoramicdogs

12. A Pony Stick!

Via dmmorr

13. This dog’s nails need to be trimmed!

Via Droke1231

14. They still look so adorable.

Via Niko Elizabeth

15. Looks like chicken-dog is running!

Via Sketchypine

16. Scanning for Chicken, Angry Cat, Pocket Snacks, Jellybean, Trickery, and a Hairy Stranger Leaving a Message on the Grass are just a few of Cybork’s special abilities.

Via lesliemello

17. Slinky cat!

Via Chrysler420

18. An Adorably Failed Shot!

Via loopsnoot

19. Hey Dock!

Via WildAnimus

20. Creepy walk!

Via TheVampireQueen7

We know you’re laughing through these hilariously awful panorama shots!

Did you ever try to capture your pet’s panorama? It’s never too late to attempt something new. We are sure you will fall in love with the epic fails. The world is introducing new cameras that can take panoramic pictures of our surroundings, and the results can range from stunning to abysmal failure. Many of us failed badly to capture the amazing image of nature’s beauty that we had in mind. Trying to use modern technology and having things spiral out of control has frustrated many of us, including dog lovers too. There should be a warning and some guidelines for using panorama mode on a camera phone by the way!

Scroll down for more fun!

21. Seems like a perfect Spiritual-Cat!

Via MrLucky2

22. Here’s a Flying Drog-an!

Via Harben Orcullo

23. Imagine seeing this doggo crawling on the wall!

Via Kimberly McWilliams Krohlow

24. Can’t decide whether this dog looks like a Mermaid or a shrimp?

Via Sami Rae Neuman

25. That adorable smile tho!

Via joni_luhtala

26. Is there a floating head as well?

Via anaperalta.c

27. This cat was stealing pants and Google made this panorama!

Via Rough-Emergency-3714

28. Meet a Horse-centipede!

Via JustJaguar

29. A Perfect Panorama shot of this Black Beauty!

Via borklynbowie

30. When the first try of Panorama goes wrong.

Via tarazye

31. What on earth is this creature?

Via ObviousPear

32. Holy Crap! That’s a horrible panorama fail…

Via esperborzoi

33. Remember the “cat-dog” cartoon character with two heads?

Via kyobooboo

34. But it’s a cursed shot!

Via yagirlindsey

35. Cubic-Faced Cat!

Via tiny_explorer

36. It must feel like a Limousine ride!

Via lx_xlzZ

37. This girlfriend faced some difficulties in taking a panorama shot of her horse.

Via TheTarquin

38. He looks so confused!

Via cp90co

39. Meet Potato Doggo! Yes, that’s his name.

Via colemichaelmannuzza

40. Just imagine, this mule hopping on one leg!

Via LeucisticFred

Have you ever tried to take a panorama shot of your pet but utterly failed? If so, don’t forget to share the shot with us in the comment section below.


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