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Wholesome Comics About Dogs That Every Dog Owner Can Relate To

If only dogs could talk.

I am sure most of us have thought about what it would be like if our pets could talk. What would they say? Would they say they love us? Or would they try to take over the world? No matter how much we want this to be true, this is only speculation.

However Khristian, ana artist seems to think the former. That they would love us wholeheartedly as seen in his comics. And while these comics may seem superficial, some of these might even bring a tear in your eyes.

The following is the reason why Khristian wanted to draw this comic.

The intense affection I felt for this creature I could not communicate with, inspired me to imagine the conversations we would have if I could.

The problem was they were kind of boring to look at in text form. They needed to be brought to life to have the same energy and verve as my actual dog.

Khristian K. Romey

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Okay, that is unacceptable!


#2 Aliens would never understand what love really is.


#3 My heart! It’s swelling.


#4 How can you not love him?


#5 Damn, this hit me in the feels.


#6 This is kind of bittersweet if I think about it.


#7 The dog knows what you really need no matter what you say.

#8 Barking loudly always solves the problem.


#9 That did not change the situation much.

#10 You never know what they are doing.


#11 This is just wholeheartedly sweet.

#12 He is on his way to becoming a cat already.


#13 If only that were true.

#13 He is not the brightest bulb, is he?


#14 Perfection has been achieved.

#15 Hugging a dog makes everything better.


#16 So get you lazy a** up.

#17 Well, I suppose we can share.


#18 Oh no, This is the worst kind of hell.

What did you think of these comics? Comment down below and let us know.


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