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50 Wholesome Dog Posts That Prove They Are Purest Creatures

Dogs The joy bringers.

Dogs are not only great pets but they are good for maintaining your health. Not because they make you move a lot but they help you keep your mental health intact. Studies show that a small interaction with dogs can cause the human brain to produce a specific hormone called Oxytocin. It is also known as Cuddle Chemical. It increases the feeling of relaxation, empathy, trust and helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Having a dog as your pet can also promote the production of Endorphins, it is also known as the Happy Hormones. Some more health benefits of having a dog as your pet can be included as having lower blood pressure, physical fitness, decreased cholesterol level, and a lot of happiness.


Today we are providing you with a bunch of wholesome dog content that the internet has to offer. Here is a warning! If you are not trying to fall in love with dogs do not scroll. I did. Now I am a 100% certified dog lover. Keep scrolling to see some cuteness, do not say I did not warn you…

1. He is the definition of a good boy.


2. Brave one! More power to you.



3. “Somehow, I’ve Ended Up With Three Different Animals With The Same Color Scheme”


4.“Doggy Has Asthma And Requires Multiple Nebulizations. But As Long As He Has His Ducky With Him, He Know He Is Gonna Be Ok”


5. He is a hero! A lifesaver!



6. Super cute.



7. A big happy family.


8. That is a black bear! No?


9. “Meet Charly, The Heart-Eyed Beauty ?? Isn’t He Gorgeous?”



10. “My Grandma Had A 10th Birthday Party For Her Dog”



11. Now that is a perfect wedding album cover.

12. He looks so happy!


13. Unusual but still friends.

14. Best father-son duo.


15. You can not keep two lovers apart.

16. Looks like a peaceful nap.


Rex Chapman

17. “My Dog Is 18, Has Trouble Standing. Since Clare Was Born, He Stands For Hours Watching. Good Boy”

18. Little rockstar.


19. “He Guarded A Bird With Broken Wing Under My Truck For Four Days Before It Could Fly Off. Had To Bring Them Both Food And Water Because He Refused To Leave Its Side Day And Night, Very Proud Of Him”

20. “Charlie! He Was My Sober Gift To Myself. 130 Days Alcohol Free Today”


21. “It’s Important For Everyone To See This”

22. “I Got You, Fren”


23. “Stray Dog Looking After Stray Kittens”

24. “Growing Old Together!”

25. “I’m Currently 40 Weeks Pregnant And His Favourite Spot Is On The Bump”

There are so many reasons to get a dog as a pet and It would take me years to enlist them all because they are countless but let me tell you guys a few of them. They are your true friends. Most loyal ones. Best companion and awesome partner for every stage of life. They will support you through every ups and downs of life. They will be there for you through bad and good times. I already mentioned how beneficial dogs are for our health, be it mental health or physical health. They protect you and your children like their own. God created this animal for us specially, to make us feel content with our lives. Dogs are a blessing. Nothing can go wrong when you have such a good boy in your life. Dog owners never frown for to long because their dogs are always being a reason for joy in their life. Dogs are their constant happiness. You guys, I can go on for days on this topic without getting tired but just keep scrolling to see the visual representation of what I just said…


26.“My Dog Lexi Is Turning 10 Soon. Through College, 3 Cities, 2 Apartments, And Our First Real House – Anywhere We Go, We Go Together”


27. “Took My Uncles Guide Dog For An “Off Work” Walk”


28.“Teddy Has Been Working On His Quarantine Beard. What Do You Guys Think?”

29.“In Mexico, This Girl Who Was Celebrating Her 15 Years Was Posing On The Floor When A Stray Dog ​​approached And Snuggled Over Her. Instead Of Getting Angry, She Asked To Take Pictures Together”



30.“Chewbacca Cosplay”

31.“Four Borzoi Dogs Adorably Peek Their Big Noses Out Of Curtained Window One At A Time”


32. This is so inspiring and beautiful.



33. “I Made This”


34.“This Is “Frida”, She Has Saved 60 People So Far In Her Career”

35.“Taught Chloe To Stand On My Wheelchair’s Feet Rests, Now All She Wants To Do Is Give Me Kisses”


36.“My Foster Mama Ellie Had Her Babies Yesterday – Apparently She Came With A Whole Lab Sampler Pack!”

37.“My Mom Puts Their Puppy In Her Apron Pocket When She Preps Dinner And I’m Not Sure Who Enjoys It More”

38. “When Ravioli Saw His Pups For The First Time!”


39. “He Loves All Animals”


40. “Four Friends Taking A Nap”

41. “When You Walk Past Someone You Know But Not Enough For You To Say Hello”


Mia And Benni

42. “My Dog Diesel Passed Away Last Month. I Had Him Cremated And His Ashes Spun In This Orb”

43. “Rare Beauty”

44.“Today Is Extra Special Because This Old Man, Who I Was Once Told Had A Life Expectancy Of 8 Years, Turns 16 Today! Happy Birthday Baxter Bear!”


45. “Sacrifice”


46.“Father And Son”

47. “We Tested Smoke Detectors Yesterday. She Heard The Alarms And Ran Up The Stairs, Made It Past The Dog Gate, And Frantically Searched Every Room Looking For All Of Us. She Would Not Calm Down Until She Could Check Every Room. She Has Never Been Trained To Do This, But She Still Tried To Rescue Us”



48.“I Promised To Try To Love Her As Much As Our Golden Does”

49.“Sir Patrick Stewart Playing A Very Serious Game Of Chess With His Foster Pup”

I feel more attached to these super cute and lovable creatures every time I see such beautiful posts. My love for these creatures is unconditional and endless. I fall more and more in love with them every day. I keep learning more fascinating qualities about dogs that are so astonishing. Dogs make me awestruck with their intelligence, their love has no limit. And my love for my dogs and every dog on this planet is consuming me. I wish I could adopt every dog in the world so they all could experience love and joy equally. Unfortunately, I can not do that but I do pray that every dog gets to experience love and they all get to have their forever home. Let us know what are the qualities of dogs that you love the most in the comments down below…


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