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Woman Receives A Dog Photo From Wrong Number And The Best Wrong Number Conversation Happened

Wrong numbers are not always bad.

Most of the times, wrong numbers leave people irritated or angry. It is highly unlikely that a text from an unknown number will leave you surprised in a good way. Otherwise, most of them find their way to the ultimate destination; blocklist.


Happiness gets doubled, if it reaches us through unexpected ways. Imagine finding a few bucks in the pockets of your old jeans. You’ll love it, right? Now, if we are talking about happiness, we must mention dogs. I mean aren’t dogs the synonym of happiness? Sure they are. Dogs are our ultimate source of happiness. They never fail to lighten up our mood whenever we are stressed or feeling down. So, seeing a dog on your bad day can be your perfect treat.

A similar thing happened to this lady Stormy Rose Bruce. She shared this most adorable story in a Facebook group about how she got to know an amazing dog Lyla.

Meet Lyla, everyone!

Isn’t she the cutest?

Well, the story goes like this: Stormy received a text from an unknown number and when she checked, it was an extremely adorable picture of a dog hanging out of a clothes dryer. The dog was chilling in the laundry and was looking very happy. It instantly brightened up Stormy’s mood and she couldn’t ignore the text. She decided to text back and this is how the conversation began.

via: Stormy Rose Bruce

Stormy had the best wrong number text of her life. Well, we all agree.

The cutest Lyla made Stormy so happy that she couldn’t resist asking for more pictures of her. She definitely spoke all our hearts there, I mean who wouldn’t want to see more of the glorius pictures of this cute doggo. The dog owner responded well, and also sent another picture of Lyla chilling in the laundry.

Good doggo is helping mama with the laundry!

via: Stormy Rose Bruce

We also love how the dog owner is so kind-hearted and loving. He/she didn’t mind after Stormy asked for more pictures of Lyla, and was quite happy for cheering her up. We certainly need more people like these in our lives.

Look at the innocence dripping!

Lyla, as told by her owner, is walker coon hound. These are a very active breed of dogs who need plenty of physical exercise and activities. This helps them to stay in good mood or else they can be a bit stubborn. They have a very loud and clear bark and also a very good hunters. Overall, they are good and well behaved dogs.


After reading this amazing story, we all are hoping to receive a cute puppy pic from a wrong number, aren’t we?


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