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18 Wholesome Pics That Will Warm You Up Like One Of Granny’s Thick Sweaters

What is better than an animal to cheer you up?

Animals are wholesome. They hold nothing in their hearts and all they have to give is pure and unconditional love. Being around them makes us feel their positive energy and vibes which automatically makes us feel much better. That is the beauty of animals. They can make anybody feel better with just their presence. If you ever feel sad or upset, spend some time with your pet and you will soon forget all your worries and stress and start laughing and having fun with your pet. This is why I always recommend people to get a pet. Yes, I know it is a huge responsibility but with time you will learn that it is completely worth it. Your pet will become your best friend and your family. What could be more wholesome than that? We have gathered 18 pictures of wholesome pets that will warm up your hearts. So scroll down below and enjoy them:


1. “This little guy comes over to say, ‘Hello!’ when I get to work.”

© Jack_Varus / Reddit

2. “My friend’s new puppy passed out on the front seat while driving to his new home.”


© Coby9 / Reddit

3. “A cute red panda dude that I met today”


© PurpleEllaandCoco / Reddit

4. “Brothers from the same litter, inseparable from birth, and now they’re 12!”


© AnnaBananner82 / Reddit

5. “I found a baby squirrel!”

© motherofxmen / Reddit

6. “Completely worn down from years of chasing tennis balls. This is how she sleeps now.”


© cheez_me / Reddit

7. “My parents got a puppy and then decided he needed a friend.”


© RyanWalkowiak / Reddit

8. “My wife is 30 weeks pregnant and this is how her cat cuddles with her.”


© Peter_Puppy / Reddit

Feeling better already, aren’t we? This is what animals do. They lift up our spirits. They make us feel like we have a purpose in life. Even if you are depressed in bed all day, you will know that you have to get up to feed your pet and that will make you feel much better. This is why we need them in our lives. They can save us, and we can save them. Scroll down below for more because we are not done just yet:

9. “I went to the shelter to adopt a dog and found these 2 in this position. I couldn’t separate them so I ended up adopting both of them.”


© Weekly-Description-3 / Reddit

10. “My new roommate and I were worried our pets wouldn’t get along…”


© Realistic_Blacksmith / Reddit

11. “A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother’s house.”

© Vechrotex / Reddit

12. “Our neighbour sent me this adorable display of pure joy between our dogs. They finally got him a stool so he could greet his big friend properly.”


© Beetlejuicex3babe / Reddit

13. Little guy brings you fruit.

© Officialpigdad / Reddit

14. “This is how our 2 youngest to sleep every night.”


© 111ruberducky / Reddit

15. “Feeling sick today and they know it.”

16. “What are you, aliens?”


© wwickedd / Reddit

17. “This is how my cat sits when the sun hits the chair.”

© Kwall267 / Reddit


What wholesome pictures do you have of your pet? Share them with us in the comments below.


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