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“Let Me Bury My Child First And I’ll Get Back To You”: 30 Bosses Who Deserve The Title Of “Worst Boss Of The Year”

Employees are quitting in record numbers, and terrible leaders have a lot to do with this trend. It can be quite frustrating to be forced to work under a bad boss. It can even lead to the termination of a person’s professional career. People on the internet are sharing their stories about awful bosses who refuse to offer their employees an off day. These obnoxious managers are completely unconcerned with the harsh circumstances that their employees are facing. Some people have complained about being denied leave when their brother passed away when they had to attend a wedding, or even when it is their own wedding!

It is far too common for employees to have worked for a boss who mistreated or degraded them. Read about the most obnoxious bosses, whose names should go down in history for being the worst.

1. That is so insensitive!

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2. Why would she be denied such a legitimate request!

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3. This is just so painful to read about! Imagine what she had to go through!

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Member countries are allowed at least 20 working days of paid vacation as per the European Union requirements. As per a study from Center for Economic and Policy Research, many nations go above and beyond and offer more than a heap of paid holidays!

France requires 30 working days off, excluding paid holidays, the U.K. required 28 working days off, and Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, and Sweden mandates 25 working days off.

America is completely different in comparison to these! The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require payment for time not worked, for example; sick leaves, federal holidays, other holidays, and vacations. These just depend upon what has been decided between the employee and employer.

4. What is wrong with these people?!

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5. Let’s hope “HER boss” took some action.

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6. That is a perfect response!

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For those who are unaware, in America, many employees fear taking a leave due to the following consequences such as being treated unfairly, or even losing out on future opportunities. This is especially true for companies that are very competitive.

A study conducted in 2018 yielded that workers refused to take time off from work in the US due to the fear of being seen as replaceable. This was further backed up by a finding that revealed  28% of people didn’t take vacation days to show their dedication and not be seen as someone who slacks.

7. Postpone a breast cancer surgery?! Do people even think before saying things like this?!

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8. “a distant relative”?!

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9. Then it wasn’t important for him to work that day as there were other workers.

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Dawn Moss, founder of “Your Interview Coach” talks about micromanaging bosses and how to deal with them. “It all comes back to trust and communication between the manager and employee,… Firstly, it’s best not to use the term micromanaged during those initial conversations with your manager because it often has negative connotations,” she suggested. “However, you need to start the dialogue about expectations and quality standards of work.”

Dawn has been actively involved in recruitment and selection processes since 2013 and has helped both candidates and managers in the recruitment process.

10. How could her mom say something like that?!

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11. Let us hope it placed A LOT of strain on the manager!


12. That is just downright absurd!

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Be prepared, organized, and proactive, advises Dawn. “Think ahead and be prepared to provide those detailed updates to reassure your manager that they can be confident you are in control and know what’s going on. Let them know ahead of time if a deadline is unrealistic, or a target is unlikely to be met. Let them know about issues before they find out about them from someone else.”

Dawn also emphasized the fact that it’s always a good idea to have an insight, reflect and analyze the work ethic, patterns, and styles. “Check that this hasn’t impacted on the trust between you and your manager. For example, the quality of your work, missing deadlines, turning up late, lack of communication, or updates, etc.”

13. Good for him!

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14. “try to plan ahead”! Like schedule death?!

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15. What a great friend!

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According to Dawn, “try to understand your manager’s behavior and the potential pressures they may have (demands, deliverables, outputs, results, stakeholder and shareholder accountability, profitability etc.) and get to know them as a person, their characteristics, their values, simply their likes and dislikes,” will help in building an understanding between the employee and the manager.

16. Awful behavior on the boss’s part!

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17. The best reply.

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18. What a hostile work environment!

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Apart from that, “working together with your manager and reassuring them you want to produce high-quality results and meet their expectations and how best you can achieve this will take the pressure from them.” will only help in increased productivity as well.

“to ask for feedback and regular 121s as this will help improve communication between the manager and the employee. It will help build confidence and trust.” says Dawn.

19. Such cooperative colleagues!

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20. Proud of the way this one was handled!

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21. Absolutely horrendous!

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22. This is terrible!

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23. You have got to be kiddin’!

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24. Call one back from the conference.

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25. How can people be such jerks?!

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26. That is a fantastically inventive approach to responding!

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27. WOW!

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28. That is one psychopathic boss!

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29. “Yes, I’ll make sure to get married every year, boss!”

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30. Should have placed that boss in an oven!

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Have you ever had a manager/boss who was this obnoxious? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below!


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