18 Adorable Dogs Working Super Hard At The Office

We love a committed doggo.

I really miss those good old days when the social order was to get up at 6 a.m., have breakfast, and then go to the office on a regular 9 to 5. And when you’re home after your 8-hour shift, you are under no laws to do office work (except for overtime). All the remaining time left in the day is for family members, children, and other activities. Everything felt organized and routines were rather simple. Work in the day and chill in the night.


Don’t get me wrong I am not taking anything away from virtual organizations where employees have this amazing option to work from home through means like telecommunication and flex-time etc. But, the way this global pandemic, he who shall not be named, took the whole planet spellbound, all of this work from home has been kinda forced upon us, and this is what makes it less motivating. Every now and then you feel the need to go to a physical office. To meet your colleagues, make sure your bosses can see your work so nothing unfair happens in terms of performance feedback. Let’s hope this virus goes away quickly and we can enjoy the joys of physical office work once again which we once considered as hell. Wow,! Things life makes us do…

And it’s not just us humans who are sad to not work at offices anymore, it’s our big brave doggos as well who loved working hard and making that cash. Well, till stuff goes back to normal, we’ve got something to brighten up your day. These 18 office dogs working super hard will make you really happy.

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1. Poor guy looks like he’s trying to take a nap but the keyboard and mouse clicks are not going to let him.

Via @IDidSomethngGay

2. “It’s Wally’s first day at the office. He’s doing a great job learning Slack and spreadsheets!”


Via Nancy Situ Paterson

3. Their presence can drastically reduce the stress offices are so well known for.


Via Isabelle Hale

4. “Umm, how do you say that in the woof-woof language, Maam?”


Via Kaelee Pines

5. Those expressions clearly tell the doggo has done something wrong and is now afraid to be caught red-pawwed.


Via @RockLoveJewelry

6. “Listen up guys. This sheet is not balancing and I need you guys to figure it out right now!”


Via pepper_schnoo

7. “Why is this mirror changing the way I look?…. Oh sh*t, that’s another doggo.”


Via Grace Beverley

8. When you’re done with your tasks and now wanna go around and show it off to everyone


Via Drea Facey

9. Right guys! I’m your new boss. Remember one thing, I need my treats right here at all times. Okay, now let’s talk revenues…


Via Erin Carroll

Dogs really are the best. Their adorable selves can make anyone smile. And it is very important in environments where there is stress, like offices, to manage stress in order to stay productive. And that is where these cuties come in. Dogs are known for comforting humans. Their presence, alone, does the job. A couple of licks and lots of snuggles, and you are all refreshed to work again.

10. Looks like this puppy just got a raise


Via Lauren Johnson

11. To come to work sure is tiring.

Via life_of_baileym

12. That smile tells that this doggo just got given a bonus in his dream.


Via notailsallowed

13. “Man, I think I’m done for the day…”

Via  Nikki Harold

14. Winner gets a promotion!


Via datavard

15. “We don’t have a dog-friendly office so when this beauty showed up this morning, I freaked out. This is Sailor! 20/20 for wiggliest butt”

Via Sara Jane Anderson

16. But first, lemme take a selfie.



17. Head of security Mr. T. Bear taking a nap on duty.

Via @TwitterMoments

18. Hugs allow this doggo to recharge and continue guarding the office.


Via James Slevin

And that is all from office doggos. They look really hard at work. Of course, with a couple of exceptions but we can always neglect them. Because after all, they are dogs and they are the best. Period.

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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