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33 Wholesome Adoption Stories To Help Spread The Word And Change Lives Of Animals

You don’t own any pets? No worries! How about adopting them instead of purchasing one? Who doesn’t want to have a pet – a cat or dog maybe!? You always have an option to adopt them and it’s the best value addition to your family. Having a pet is always a fun and exciting part of your life.  


Adopting a little furry is just like having a baby. If you are a first-time parent to these four-legged babies, then you should take the responsibility and start taking extra care of them as they deserve to be loved and taken care of. We have an amazing collection of adoption stories for you. Scroll down to have a look at these stories and spread the love!

1. “Wife heard meowing in the bushes at the gas station. And found. Lionel. Say hi to the newest addition to our family.”

Via u/2000blackS4

2. “Meet Korben – My newly rescued kitty who was living in a storm drain”

Via u/LopsidedCry5550

3. “My new adopted rescue pup: Sunnymae!”

Via  u/novusflorae

4. Bonus: “2 months ago: “we absolutely are not getting a cat.” Now:”

Via u/DirtEmotional9368

5. “We adopted two kitties last week. We got them home and notice one of them is covered in hearts. Seven and counting. Here’s River, King of Hearts.”

Via u/7bottlesofwine

6. “Meet Charlie!”

Via u/jsgornall

7. “Adopted my first puppy ever today. I’m so excited and nervous to start this adventure.”

Via u/tatooinexwing

8. “First time cat dad. I’m in love”

Via u/UsualScrewTop

9. “I thought I was getting a kitten but apparently I got a Parrot.”

Via u/KianOfPersia

10. “My new baby”

11. “After months of searching for a dog, we finally adopted one. Say hello to Fussel”

Via  u/Kater-chan

12. “I’m the type of guy who never wanted cats, but I promised my girlfriend she’d get one if she moved to my town… I’m happy she kept me on my promise. Meet Goku, my buddy”

13. “My newest rescue and gaming buddy – meet Falkor.”

Via u/Brosthetic

14. “I know its a simple picture but I’ve never had a cat until now and I just think he’s the most precious thing!”

Via u/cyan386

15. “I didn’t adopt her. She adopted me. 🙂 I don’t make the rules. It’s been 3 days and she absolutely loves me. Catio coming soon and many adventures ahead of us.”

Via u/Switchingupposition

16. “This is Bill! We adopted him from the shelter today. He is 8 years old and getting used to his new home!”

Via u/amandany6

What could be more worthwhile than these stories? These strangers won our hearts today. People who adopt pets from shelters, rescue them from different places, or adopt stray cats, are the real heroes because they saved the lives of these innocent pals. That’s not enough, we got you some more stories. Scroll down for more!

17. “Adopted a cat today…I think she accepts us.”

18. “New flat mate”

Via u/assumeboom

19. “Louis the blind dog got adopted today!”

Via u/Cfchicka

20. “Adopted this floof less than a week ago and he already has my heart. This is Gimli!”

Via  u/Redbowxox

21. “Say hi to our newest family member, Helga”

Via  u/andimacg

22. “Meet Keira, the newest member of my family!”

Via  u/Supercat70

23. “I brought her home this morning and we’re already the best of pals. Rosie is the best”

Via u/AToastedRavioli

24. “Our foster puppy when we told her we were adopting her”

Via u/Participant8119

25. “Last year I got my first apartment and now, my first ever kitten. Meet Fuzz Aldrin.”

Via u/CAP034

26. “Caught a stray kitten today, she made her first biscuits this morning, meet Maya!”

27. “We found a little girl crying outside in the rain so we took her. Say hi to Ivy!”

Via u/misthi_S

28. “Poor boy got abandoned at a local restaurant, he’s very happy at his new home”

Via u/Mad_libs02

29. “Just adopted this little guy from the animal shelter. He seems happy.”

Via u/theflameburntout

30. “7 month old boy from the shelter, only had him for a week and a half”

Via u/UnsafeTomatoes

31. “Got this little girl today. Best day of my life.”

32. “We got a puppy this week from a street dog rescue in Guadalajara. Meet Donatella!”

via u/CourtClarkMusic

33. This breaks my heart…

My dog’s first day home after living in a shelter for over 3 years. He’s worried if he falls asleep, it will all go away. from aww

We absolutely loved every bit of this article, did you? We are sure you are loving these adoption stories as well. If you have adopted a pet or planning to adopt it, do let us know your experience in the comment section below.


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