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15 Accidental Shots That Are Definitely Not What They Look Like

Social media is highly powerful now a days, people will make their life look in a certain way to get as many likes as possible. People will fake shots but in reality things are different, everything has been planned ahead. We feel extremely lucky that still accidental shots are happening, and people are sharing these photos with us. So here at Defused we have collected these 15 accidental shots which will trick your eyes and you would have to look twice in order to perceive them correctly. These shots are amazing because just as unplanned adventures are the best just like that accidental shots are the best. Scroll down to see these eye-tricking photos below. Make sure you watch it till the end.

1. Presenting you a kitty cow, the timing of this shot is perfect


Photo Credit: © Inhypx / reddit

2. Look at this surprising accidental shot, a kid hugs his dad from behind, but it looks like the dad’s head is connected to the kid’s body


Photo Credit: © SnooApples1427 / reddit

3. Have you ever seen a magpie horse trainer?


Photo Credit: © realisshoman / reddit

4. Floating prime rib, your eyes are gonna trick you, look twice


Photo Credit: © ZappBrannigansLaw / reddit

5. Am I tripping? Or she is really hovering at the beach?


Photo Credit: © BunnyAdorbs / reddit

6. Are these shadows or real staircases? Look carefully


Photo Credit: © VLStetson / reddit

7. Presenting you a Christmas tree which has legs and face

Photo Credit: © VLStetson / reddit

These accidental shots are too good to not be shared. These shots make our eyes trick and sometimes it makes us think that are we really tripping? The timing of the shot is perfect this is the reason these photos make us wonder that are they really real or is it me just tripping. Keep on scrolling we have collected couple of more of these just for you.

8. This one really got me, actually this is reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses


Photo Credit: © youngack / reddit

9. Look at these crumpled paper faces, is this house possessed?

Photo Credit: © mildas*** / reddit

10. The shadow on this vehicle looks like an amazing paintjob


Photo Credit: © Panishev / reddit

11. My friend transforms shipping containers into swimming pools. People are losing their heads over it.”

Photo Credit: © ThomasPatron / imgur

12. Name a better camouflage than this I’ll wait


Photo Credit: © 33Fanste33 / reddit

13. This beautiful cat jumped in his car, the window reflection makes it look like he’s holding it

Photo Credit: © Tuncunmun38 / reddit

14. Please somebody explain me Laws of Physics?


Photo Credit: © WhatWasThatLike / reddit

15. This photo is tripping me

Photo Credit: © EyeOughta / reddit

These photos are really eye tricking, some of these photos caught us off guard and we needed to concentrate a little bit more in order to see what was really happening. This is what happens when you take a shot at the perfect timing. Let us know which one of these photos were your favorite in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content.


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