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20 Pet Parents and Their “Children” Who Adore Each Other Beyond Belief

According to research, almost 90 percent of pet parents treat their pets as their own children. How admirable is that? Well, they are a bunch of cuties who deserve to be treated humanely, with love, and should be adored as much. Yeah, emphasis on should! It’s a must.


No family photos are complete without your cat dressed up in matching outfits as the rest of the family, No summer trips by the beach are complete without doggie dips. No chill-outs in the living room by the fire are complete without kitties and doggos muffled up close to you and sleeps aren’t as peaceful without sleep hugs from your pet, either. They make up the perfect part of the family! They’re generous enough to bring you their kills and hunts, they furthermore manage to reciprocate all the warmth and affection you give them in different ways. They also add up some extra spice to your monotonous life, that’s how interesting they are.

They don’t deserve to be treated anything less than your own children. We’ve brought forward some pet parents who won the hearts of their pets through their endless efforts and kindness. The bond these floofs share with their man-parents is just exemplary. Scroll down and check it out!

1. “My cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her.”

via © UncleIroh24 / reddit

Woah! good job with that. The kitty clearly loves it

2. “When I come home from work he tries to make sure I can never leave him ever again.”

via © emily_9511 / reddit

Don’t ever leave me alone, human… I can’t live without our snuggles and cuddles

3. “It’s an honor to third wheel my husband and cat’s relationship.”

via © AshtynDG / reddit

The love is in the purr…

4. “Ferret selfie. Didn’t go as planned but it will do.”

via © Rude-Entertainment53 / reddit

This mandatory act of affection had to be shown

5. “After this pic was taken, Auntie opened up her sweater and the dog crawled inside.”

via © Available_Mix_1234 / reddit

Sometimes all you need is a bear hug

6. “Caught me an 80 pounder.”

via © WhatUpRell1 / reddit

No matter how big he grows out to be, he’ll be a baby for you!

7. “Living our best life!”

via © _TeaRexx_ / reddit

That fluttering smile, though!

8. It was picture day at doggy daycare today. She’s all looking like, “Wish you were here!”

via © malynnskie2531 / reddit

Nothing’s complete without you…

9. “Too hot to leave this pup in the car, so dude tucked him in while in the store.”

via © GuntherRowe / reddit

He seems to have been loving these rides!

10. Do we need any words to prove he loves his owner the most?

via © AWildPotatoInthewild / reddit

We fell prey to those eyes

Can you guess the best language in the world? It’s the language of love! These pet parents come from various regions around the world but what they have in common is that they all are devoted to do the best for their pets just as they would do for their children. How wholesome! Scroll down to see how happy was Elly while her parents were getting married.

11. “Elly at our wedding”

via © Mick0331 / reddit

She made the best bride’s-maid!

12. “Jax is 13 years young, he can’t walk very far nowadays but would be heartbroken if we didn’t take him for a walk. So we pull him in his wagon!”

via © naturalhiker705 / reddit

We’ll ride instead

13. “My boyfriend did NOT want a cat. This is my boyfriend watching cat TV together with the cat.”

via © Glazuur / reddit

They always give in!

14. “Snacks is really shy, but he wants to say, ’Hi’ anyway!”

via © ZookCloak / reddit

Well, hello there!!

15. “Our animals always squeeze in a quick cuddle when we play video games.”

via © Laura_Kay / reddit

How dare you give more attention to the machine?!

16. “Found him on the adoption page. First night at home from the shelter. Happiest adoption photo ever!”

via © rosseep* / reddit

He loves his little human…

17. “Get in loser, we are going to eat hair!”

via © Lucks_20 / reddit

It’s probably trying to eat that rainbow!

18. “The moment my rescue finally let my fiancé hug him. It took over 2 years.”

via © TerpinOne / reddit

You still need to work hard, ol’ guy! Impressing this boy here is even more difficult than convincing her dad…

19. “An old TV repurposed into a cat bed for my cat’s birthday.”

via © BrewCoven / reddit


20. “I like to give my lizard good role models.”

via © ChemicalChameleon / reddit

Do I look like him when I make this face?

WHOO, how adorable! Did you and your pet bond with one another right away or did it take time? We would want to listen to your bonding story and see some pictures from your camera roll too, perhaps! It’s always amazing to see that transition and watching them go from being shy to owning every little space in your house! Make sure to share your heartwarming moments with us in the comments section below!


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