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Tumblr Thread Discusses Actor Dogs That Were Supposed To Look “Threatening” But Were Wagging Their Tails

All dogs are good boys.

They are all extremely intelligent as they can be trained to do jobs alongside humans. They are highly skilled and will follow your every command. This is solid proof of their wit as well as their loyalty. They do not doubt for a moment whatever their owner tells them to do. They will happily do whatever is asked and will dedicate their whole lives to the job their owner assigns to them. This is why you will see a lot of dogs working side by side with humans in different fields of life. Police dogs, fire department dogs, search dogs, and many more! And they have fun working with their humans too.


Actor doggos are also very hardworking. Their handler teaches them what to do and they follow their commands in exchange for a few treats or toys. However, sometimes they are needed to look “fierce” or “terrifying” but they horribly fail at it as they are just too excited to be on set.

So this Tumblr user started a thread where everyone discussed dogs on TV that are meant to be terrifying but really seemed like goofballs.

Via willietheshakes

No amount of dubbed growls can hide those butt wiggles.


Via wickedpissahnerd

Then people started mentioning different movies where they had to give the dogs CGI tails because they couldn’t stop wagging them.


Via lentilswitheverything

Dogs are all that is good and pure in this world.


Via storytellerluna

The way Saint Bernards wag their tail is just adorable.


Via stunt-lads

The Resident Evil dogs loved Mila Jovovich.


Via pattern-53-enfield

Please stop mutilating your dogs, especially Rotts and Pitts.


Via icantbearsedtothinkofone

The villain walking around with a very good boy sounds like a better story actually.


Via derpyslurpy-da-derp-master

They were just playing tag in Moonraker.


Via unfavorableinstigation

These are small details that you will love when you notice them.


Via widdlegast

Okay, we definitely don’t deserve dogs. These pure souls don’t even know that they are supposed to look angry and fierce. The goodness of their hearts just projects on their faces… and tails. Dogs don’t care what you ask them to do as long as you love them in return and I don’t think there is any other form of love that is cleaner.

Rottweilers may seem threatening but they are actually just really big babies.

Via icantbearsedtothinkofone

The dogs in Underworld were super friendly too.


Via myladyfair

The dogs just start playing with actors when they are supposed to be “attacking” them.

Via bubba-san

We are proud of these doggos too.


Via lightandwinged

It is always the wagging tail that gives them away.

Via blueandbluer

They aren’t menacing at all.


Via moongalleon22

Have you ever noticed these things while watching a doggo on TV? Do you think they are actually menacing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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