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9 Actors With Totally Parallel On-Screen Presence That Behave Nothing Like Them In Real-life

The comparison is so uncanny.

Actors have a class of their own. They can play roles which are extremely different from their real-life counterparts and the more soul they put into a character and deliverance, the more believable the outcome is for the audience. And in this weird little world of ours, it’s fairly reasonable to think of these actors to be behaviourally close to whatever character they portray on the big screen. Hats off to everyone who can play a character as natural and as close to real life which makes the audience question whether or not that is exactly they are in real life. So here are 9 actors with their movie or big-screen counterparts next to the real deal.

Tom Hiddleston vs Loki

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Loki is the god of mischief and he’s often regarded as Selfish and manipulative but compared to him Tom is an overall awesome dude. The guy is the ambassador for Unicef.


Emilia Clarke vs Daenerys Targaryen


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We all know how ruthless Daenerys Targaryen is in Game Of Thrones. With her complex strategies at play throughout the entirety of Game of Thrones versus being the friendliest human on the stage as said by her co-star Jason Mamoa.


Keanu Reeves vs John Wick


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An assassin out for revenge with nothing getting his way versus a kind-hearted soul who wouldn’t even hurt a fly in real life. Reeves is nothing but a generous soul when it comes to real life.


Kerry Washington vs Olivia Pope


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Olivia Pope is a secretive problem solver versus in real life where the actor Kerry Washington is the ambassador for V-day, An organisation that speaks against violence against women.


 Lena Headey vs Cersei Lannister


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Cersei from Game Of Thrones is a brutal ruler. caring very less for the lives of others when she has an agenda in mind versus Lena Headey who is an advocate for the European migrants.


Meryl Streep vs Miranda Priestly


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Neil Patrick Harris vs Barney Stinson



We all know about Neil Patrick Haris and his crazy, over-the-top roles until it comes to real life where he’s happily married to his husband and has adopted 2 kids, a girl and a boy.


Pedro Pascal vs Javier Peña


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Pedro Pascal the hot-headed, law enforcer from Narcos sure knows how to portray an image but his real-life counterpart is in love with the cuteness of baby Yoda and houses a very warm personality.


Rachel McAdams vs Regina George


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Regina George is a scary schoolmate to have when you know how she gets whatever she wants similar to a rich-spoiled brat but her real-life counterpart is the complete opposite to her character on Mean Girls.

In real life, she’s an environmentalist and also holds several charity shows for small projects.


So with that, we end our list. Let us know your favourite picks in the comment section below.


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