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18 Adorable Animals That Are Guaranteed To Beat Your Monday Blues

Animals can’t talk but their expressions speak for themselves.

We are obsessed with animals and our day does not complete without looking at their cute photos. This is why we are back with a fresh collection of the cutest animals from all over the world that are set to spread positivity with their existence. Although, they can’t talk but their expressions speak for themselves. Their cutest expressions tell us what they want to say to us. Whether they are angry, mad or happy; it’s obvious on their faces. From lizards to snakes, to dogs and all the way to adorable kitties, we have everything for you. All you need to do is scroll down and the fun will begin.


1. Don’t worry, she is just hanging out in here.

Via u/__Dawn__Amber__

2. Could not get any better than this.


Via u/d1amiri

Did they just try to make a heart?

3. Potato? Pug? Or pugtato?


Via u/Carnalvore86

4. “Mom says we’re twins”


Via u/vladgrinch

And moms are always right.

5. They found this cute kitten in a box.


Via u/1800cheezit

6. We have the cutest ghosts in the house:


Via u/Kevin_mar144

If ghosts are this cute, we would love to live with them.

7. “We just found kittens in the bushes near our house.”


Via u/ATimeHoody

Take them home and start petting them. They are awdorable.

8. When he can not stop kissing you in public:


Via u/jessieb19

9. “this is Jimmy – he travels with me and has seen 30 states and 20 National Parks”


Via u/danziehartlieb

Jimmy has seen more places than us.

10. Did you spot the kitten?


Via u/mozozky

11. Meet Dallas, the goodest boi!

Via u/justsH1fty

12. He is so happy to be out in the garden and playing with butterflies.


Via u/Boss31112

13. “This moron strolled into Petco and peed on the floor almost immediately. Please roast my puppy.”

Via u/Daras15

14. What a beautiful cat!


Via u/whytehalcyon

15. “Heres my giant pet banana, Cornflake”

Via u/neil23alpha1

16. “I had the honor of photographing this shelter pup yesterday.”


Via u/stacial

What a beautiful smile! Is he saying “take me home”?

17. “My vet sent me this picture of him and my cat, Gus before his surgery”

Via u/JillyFromPhillyx

We hope the surgery goes smooth and we wish him a speedy recovery.

18. “Grandpa forgot to play fetch before leaving. She gathered all of her mice and has been sitting here waiting for him to come back”


Via u/nicks_bride

Grandpa, how can you forget playing fetch with this little girl? Animals feel the little things and they have emotions for their humans. Just look at her, she has been sitting here waiting for grandpa. Give her a forehead kiss from us. She is such a cute kitty. We hope you really enjoyed this post. Comment down to mention your favorite photo from our list.


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