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Stories Of Rescued Animals Who Meant Nothing To The World, But Everything To Their New Owners

No one likes to be left behind.

Animals, human beings, be it anyone on this planet, no one likes to be alone. Especially animals, who once get adopted and literally devote their entire life to their owners, imagine them having to live the rest of their life alone, without the one they loved so much. Unfortunately, that does happen in this world. It is a really sad reality that our very own lovely, adorable pets whose joyous asses literally can’t sit down when they see their owners return from home, get abandoned. Believe it or not, there are about 200 million stray dogs in this world. Why is this number so huge when all these pet animals require is love, trust, and affection and in return they serve their entire lives being your guardian angels, doing anything in their power to see a big bright smile on their owner’s face. That smile is what they live for.


Abandoned animals are either surrendered by their owners for god knows what reason. And then there are stray animals who are just living their lives wandering the streets for god knows how long. These animals when luckily cross paths with the rescuers are then taken to the shelters where they are cleaned up, taken care of. These animals come in with a shattered heart and broken trust which is not easy to regain. But there are positive and good humans on this planet that really don’t want the bad past to influence what could possibly be a happy future. Thanks to these amazing souls, these abandoned pets then find their new forever homes and get to re-write their stories, a happy story. 

Scroll down below to see some humans taking the best decisions of their lives because these pets love to shower love.

1. Once this pup realized it has a whole basket full of toys, instead of playing with them it decided to take them all out and started sleeping on them.

Well, we all have our own ways to enjoy things, don’t we?

2. It is literally impossible to accept that this was an abandoned dog.


It feels so sad to see such cute animals having to live a life on their own. Especially on the streets at night which can be very dangerous. Ain’t no disability is stopping you from getting all the deserved happiness, cutie!

3. This loaf of bread, Mochi, finally found love!


Aww! This is the cutest cat ever. I want to hug this load of bread right now.

4. This is Earl who finally found his forever home.


It is never the end. Someone somewhere will always love you.

5. This adopted doggo wags his tail every time he eats dinner.


One of the reasons why dogs wag their tails is that they are extremely excited and happy. Knowing that this dog wags its tell whenever it eats is just heartwarming to hear. Good to know he loves his new family.

6. 3 years and it’s a completely different dog.


No cages ever met a happy dog. They are supposed to be free and are always meant to live a life with no strings.

7. This little kitty got adopted from a shelter. Look at him sleep so peacefully.


8. This is Lily! A stray kitty who adopted a human couple. Apparently, the husband wasn’t a fan of cats but things changed very quickly.


People tend to establish their likings and disliking with what they usually see over the internet. The reality is far more different. You can’t tell me your heart won’t melt if you see a little kitty like this one in real life, as your own.

9. “This is Puddin’. We adopted her yesterday and I would already die for her.”


This is the type of love I am talking about. You really wanna get to that level where you wouldn’t care if you got harmed for the sake of your pet. That’s the kind of love they all deserve.

All these animals look so happy and joyous at their new forever homes. This makes me so happy and a little sad at the same time. Like these animals were never meant to wait for a life like this, they were always supposed to have it. But, better late than never, right? I want to meet all these great owners who adopted these pets. They are the reason why hope still exists in this world!

Scroll down below for more animals finding happiness!

10. This little girl’s disability was not a problem at all for the family that adopted her.


If you start judging animals based on how they look or their disabilities, I am sorry but you require some proper therapy.

11. The perfect story that shifted from a doggo who looks super sad to a doggo who is absolutely loving its life.

I live for this stuff.

12. This gorgeous and skinny Manx, Stella, had the cutest kitten, Bug, just days after being adopted.


Honestly, Stella looks so relieved laying on that comfortable bed. It’s like she really did her waiting and is now enjoying the fruits of her patience.

13. “No one wanted to adopt her, but I thought she was the prettiest.”

There is always someone somewhere who will love you for who you are.

14. This is Cherry! Her transformation is unbelievable!


Just goes on to show what love and attention can do for someone. It is really hard for me to see that first image of Cherry at the foster care. She looks like a dog with no hope. God bless her new owner!

15. This person went to a shelter to adopt a dog and found these 2 dogs in this exact position who did not want to separate. So, being a good human, this person adopted them both.

A true act of kindness! Never separate two lovers.

16. This family adopted their first senior cat, Baby, who immediately formed a connection with them and even slept with them on the very first night.


You know when a cat decides to sleep with you, it really really loves you. Just imagine this, cats are really not an easy animal to parent. And given how this one established a happy connection with its owners so instantaneously shows clearly how much love this kitty had been deprived of. They only need love, nothing else.

17. Those eyes, all I see is an ocean full of love for its owner.

18. Here is Spyro from being a terrified, shivering mess to an extremely gorgeous, sweetest, grateful dog ever!


It is hard to believe this is the same dog. So happy for Spyro! Go win the world, doggo!

Animals deserve our very best!

I want to see a world where there is no abandoned animal left. I want to see that before I die. Here’s to some happiness because I am very hopeful this can happen.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Why do you think there are so many abandoned pet animals in this world?


What do you think?