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10+ Adorable Pics Of Newfoundlands Dogs That Are Huge But Still Act Like Puppies

Best known for their enormous size and thick coats, Newfoundlanders are a rare and unique breed of dogs.

They are famously known for their affectionate nature and gentleness. These dogs have an innate instinct to help and protect their people, which is why they are considered the perfect pets in a house with kids or even service dogs. These wonderful dogs get along the most with children, however, sometimes they might not realize their huge size and may try to fit in everywhere. Moreover, these dogs may require some training to learn basic etiquette while living with people. Their approximate weight can range up to 150 pounds and size up to 27-30 inches tall. These dogs are from the Canadian island of Newfoundland – hence their name. These dogs were first used by fishermen for their assistance as they had webbed feet, knew how to swim naturally, and could save a man from drowning as well.


Their loving nature and extreme loyalty are what makes them the ideal family dogs that they are known for today, as you will see below. This article will give you an account of different people who have shared pictures of their Newfoundlander dogs and how is it like living with them. You will be utterly amused to see these pictures below and we’re sure you will have a great time reading this article. Sometimes they might even scar you for a second as they resemble bears a lot, but this is also a part of an adventure – which is, having a Newfoundlander pet. You may train them as you want and won’t have to feel scared when they’re around kids because they bond the most with them.

Not convinced yet? Why don’t you scroll down and have a look at the pictures yourself? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

1. Where are all the snacks, hooman?

Via  otismateoyyo

2. Please pick me up like old times!

Via tyler2450

Well, he doesn’t realize he no longer fits…

3. Sunkissed.


4. Literally takes up all the space…


5. I am a small baby.

Via kernowbearsnewfoundlands

6. Chilling with his people.

Via  PinkyTaste


Via  salty_carrot

I’m a big girl now please.

8. Someone’s very serious about their personal space

Via  Createurlov

Hope he’s okay in there.

9. The calm before the storm.

Via  kernowbearsnewfoundlands

That man’s in for a big surprise!

Due to the docile nature of these dogs, they were given the name of “nanny dog” because nannies are also known to be loving and caring. Like the movie Peter Pan, Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s 11 children reportedly had a “nanny dog” who took care of the babies as these dogs absolutely love children.

10. Chill time ft. Newfie pillow…

Via  justarunner

11. He loves snow.

Via NickFromNewGirl

12. Watchu’ lookin’ at?

Via  asscher_thenewf

13. Tryna Live That Lap Dog Life! Dad May Be Smiling But On The Inside He’s Saying ‘Please Help Me, My Ribs Are Getting Crushed’

Via  bentleythenewfoundland

14. These twins…

Via  andyandtherman

Say Hi to Buford and Wallace who are 11 weeks old!

15. Wholesome!

Via meyvos

Now that we’re halfway through our article, how do you feel about the Newfoundlanders? We’re sure that at first glance, they might seem to be these huge and scary dogs but after reading about them, you are completely in awe. These super-loving dogs are the perfect pets for a home with children. These dogs may be the best pet to have, but they themselves need constant care and grooming as well which should be kept in mind before adopting them as well.

16. Yo dude, you like my new hairstyle, huh?

Via dannygally

17. Look mom, dad doesn’t love me anymore.

Via  wtwerner

So what if I’m 150 pounds?

18. Mammoth? Bear? Who knows?

Via TheOneTrueQueen

Newfoundlanders are gigantic dogs and have a massive lung capacity which helps them play for a long time and they do not get tired easily. Other than that, these dogs also drool profusely which aids them in keeping cool despite their double layers of coat.

Before you plan on adopting a Newfoundlander, keep in mind that these dogs consume a lot of food considering their huge size. The puppies grow the most in their first year and again almost 100 pounds!

Moreover, it is important to brush their coat often and they need daily grooming. Nails should also be trimmed frequently to avoid their feet being spread apart due to their weight.

19. No, I didn’t see any tennis ball.

Via  mozman68

20. How’s this pose for a picture?

Via  petagogo

Too cute to handle!

21. OMG!!!

Via  mugsymegasaurus

I’d be scared to death for a second if I see this in my kitchen.

22. Living the carefree life.

Via  jaydeejj

23. Big dog vs small dog.

Via  Thesmithos

What a hilarious sight!

24. And within a minute, everything was gone.

It’s DaliSHUSH!

25. Yes, its a Newfoundland dog.

Via maz-o

Not a bear!

26. Two friends out on a walk.

Via newfy

Seems like they’re having the time of their lives!

27. That’s…kinda scary.

Via mattsidesinger

And they’re only 16 months apart.

28. This Newfie loves kids.


29. Honestly, he just wanted that sandwich…

Via  lioranvl

Not the vest, ugh

30. Who doesn’t love car rides?

Via Rhaenysx

Finally, we’re at the end of our article and hope that these pictures of Newfoundlanders have made your boring day into a fun-filled one. Moreover, these rare breed dogs are hard work to have and before adopting one, you must research about them thoroughly so that no problem arises later – be safe than sorry! These wonderful creatures are super loyal, loving, and gentle despite their huge size which may intimidate a lot of people. So don’t forget to comment below and tell us what you think about these dogs and if you’d like to adopt them one day?


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