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50 Absolutely Funny Stories Of Dogs Failing At Their Jobs And We Can’t Blame Them

August 26th is marked as National Dog Day and we think this is a brilliant coined event that should definitely be celebrated in one way or another.

The Museum of English Rural Life came up with a brilliantly hilarious idea to celebrate through dog posts on Twitter. The MERL with their mission of exploring the “English countryside, its history, and its people” decided to ask people to submit photos of their goofy dogs who were bred for a particular purpose but failed miserably at fulfilling that calling. And we totally understand from the doggos persepective.


People quickly rose to the challenge and submitted entries of their dog breeds who turned out to be not much more than couch potatoes, lazy and hilarious. To give you a better understanding of the challenge, the Labrador Retriever is a dog bred for the purpose of catching hunted game, the Bernese Mountain dog was meant to guard, and the Foxhound to hunt down foxes. People put a lot of effort into carefully breeding these doggos for a particular purpose but despite their diligent efforts, these doggos turned out to be something completely different to what was expected just like us humans.

The MERL challenge turned out to be absolutely hilarious and produced some comical dog memes that are sure to make your day brighter! So let’s start scrolling for you to get a better idea of what this is all about.

The official post calling for entries to the challenge!

1. Living her best life

via helloginnybatty

2. Sounds like he’s having more fun

via _mharvey

3. Napping is indeed an extreme sport

via morningporch

4. Trash bags are monsters

via OfficialJennEm

5. Will do anything for the sausages

via olenskae

6. In his defence, a clock can be loud and annoying

via Hot_Toast

7. He needs his space!

via jnstgt

8. He’s super cute though!

via han_tame

9. That’s quite the stretch

via TetchyBitch

10. Warm blankets are heaven for humans and doggos alike

via Virtualkat101

11. Living the posh life

via MonaLisez

12. It’s a fun pass-time though

via EdgeofMull

13. Hunting armchairs sounds more fun

via SlingBabies

14. He’s a happy boy!

via dianamahon

15. Bread is great

via willboase

16. Really gets himself into odd spots

via rthstewart

17. Has a built-in bathing suit

via K_Leonard_PhD

18. A tough move for sure

via shelbygwilliams

19. Sheep are our friends!

via hkwhkw

20. Naps and snobbery at their best

via troglodette

21. Professional cuddler

via cain73

22. Sunbathing

via kathduck

23. Likes to live a slow life

via shipperslist

24. Warm and cuddly

via cai_boxer

25. Needs her hoomans close

via tonchar

These beautiful doggos may not have command over their skills and in-bred abilities, but they definitely have a hold on their owners’ hearts and ours too! Sure, they may be a little spoilt but they’re just so cute and gentle that we can’t help but feel so much love for their gentle and loving personalities. We’ve got way more where these have come from, so scroll on for now!

Some of these doggos were meant to be big, brutal, and menacing while protecting their owners, but they just can’t help their mushy personalities and the unconditional love they shower on their humans. They just want to chill out, crack open a cold one with the other doggos, and nap their day away. We can’t really blame them now, can we? They just happen to be more docile than they were intended!

26. Doggo philosopher

via Rachael65085980

27. Hunting lions in his dreams

via Mr_Mosnar

28. Snooze time is the best time

via CiaraCostello12

29. He’s a delicate one

via MissLapere

30. It’s important to stop and smell the flowers

via UnIambic

31. He has good taste

via miss_manners_62

32. Also loves her chew toy

via spenshi

33. And looks dapper

via sasha_feather

34. What a gentleman

via tweetasifind

35. Not meant for the water

via lazydaisy2011

36. He knows how to be a floof though

via Mattypriorfan

37. The friendlier, the better!

via 8mpowell8

38. He’s a responsible one

via heritagegrrrl

39. Just like us!

via r_sims1

40. He’s living life right

via AJGardham

41. That smile though!

via kaitdivi

42. What a cutie

via crystaldarche

43. He has an explorative personality

via katebenefel

44. Chilling on the beach for now

via rainaepage

45. What a treat for the mailman

via Laurie_March

46. Lazy boi

via nicola_tanner

47. He likes to give and get company!

via iamnottense

48. He’s a fragile one!

via AmyKWhalen

49. Cheesy.

via Robbawho

50. His mighty legacy as a floofball

via MorseLibby

These doggos clearly have a different idea of how they want to live their lives, and we can’t say we blame them. These lazy boys who love to nap, eat, and play with their hoomans have a more relaxed idea of the life they want to live and their humans have accepted them exactly the way they are! It’s hilarious how differently these dogs turned out to be and the ferocious and commanding creatures they were intended to be cannot be spotted even slightly!

MERL really brought all these doggos together on Twitter and gave us a chance to see them and hear about them in all their glory. However they turned out, there’s no denying that we absolutely adore them and would not change a thing! They gave National Dog Day a funny and endearing twist and we are ever so grateful for that!

Let us know in the comments below which one of these posts was your favourite!


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