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50 Dogs That Are So Big That It’s Like Having A Cow In Your House

Let’s talk about our favourite animals of all time; Dogs.


If you’re a true dog lover, you might remember the first time ever you fell in love with a doggo. Ever since that moment, nothing has ever been the same for you, right? Everytime you would see a dog your heart would just melt at that sight and you probably weren’t able to resist. Well, same! I can so clearly remember my first ever interaction with a doggo. Little me and a huge dog, twice my size, just jumped on me and gave me the biggest hug ever. Although, at that time, that doggo seemed bigger but in actual life, it was of average size only. However, let’s rewind and talk about big doggos, shall we?

We all love puppies, that is for sure, but what is even more adorable are the large doggos who are not aware of the fact that they are huge. They still think they are the tiniest little beings who could fit on your lap or your couch or even the bed. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the cutest! They are extremely cuddly, and fun to be around. These large doggos are basically like our own personal bears that we could spoil all the time.

Let’s take a look at these huge cuties, shall we? Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Would love waking up to this sight everyday.

Via The_ryanmister

Good morning to you too, love.

2. Would definitely be a hard task getting this baby into the shower.

Via samskyemclaughlin

Kudos on doing such a wonderful job hooman!

3. Is that a smol hooman or is that a large doggo?

Via somethingsomethingmcbob

Meanwhile in a parallel universe.

4. Hello, I am a doggo, what are you?

Via snapsgoal1

Nice to meet you doggo, I am a donko!

5. Is this the right pose?

Via anadolukangall

Kinda think this is the best angle for me! – This doggo

6. Want to swap places with this hooman.

Via Weedvape69

Lowkey extremely jealous of this boy right here!

7. Imagine roaming the streets of different cities with this doggo right beside you.

Via laura_treimane

Or maybe running into him randomly on a vacation. Dream. Come. True.

8. This doggo is cute and she knows it!

Via Emergency-Boat

*wink wink*

9. The cat is just having none of it.

Via forever_cat_lady

Looks like someone is extra jealous of the huge doggo today. Don’t you know not to give all your attention to the dog, hooman?

10. Squished but happy.

Via Akschmalz

In sickness and in health, I shall be with you hooman.

11. When you know you’re about to get scolded so you turn on your doggo charm

Via SlimJones123

Damn, those puppy dog eyes can easily get you out of trouble. Need to learn some of those tricks.

12. Who do you think is more cuter?

Via ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

Nevermind, we know it’s hard to pick.

13. Pretty sure all the teddy bears would be smol for this big bear.

Via jasoncorey411
Advertisement by UDM

Oops, we meant doggo.

14. Why the long face?

Via toro_canecorso

Want someone to look at me like this girl is looking at the doggo.

15. Clearly sitting is a very difficult task.

Via treymdnc

So let’s just stand on the lap with our butts. Wait, does that even make sense? oh, well.

16. Who needs a blanket,

Via saucinondatass

When you’ve got a fluff ball.

17. Yes, because it is very normal to cuddle in the hallway.

Via kophiphi

But honestly, 100 percent would do the same thing with this doggo.

18. Not sure if this one is just bleping or blowing raspberries. 😛

Via alaskan_wolfdog

Whatever it is, this doggo is the cutest. You can’t even change our minds. You can try, but it won’t work.

19. Happiness is meeting your doggo after a long day.


Or just playing around on the porch

20. Spot the little jealous doggo trying to get in the picture.

Via gothikmilktea

Why would you not let the lil one in hooman? We want to see the entire fam bam.

21. The big baby is jealous of the new little baby.

Via herculessaint

Or maybe it’s just being extra protective.

22. Don’t mind me, just casually sitting on your lap.

Via ladydanger2020

I’m not too heavy for you am I?

23. Happiest when I’m around you.

Via pan124

This type of bed time >>>> anything else.

24. Majestic.

Via overweightduck

Enough said.

25. He’s practically covering half of her body.

Via ruthwhipkey

Could he get any bigger than this?!

We told you these doggos aren’t just huge, they are majestic. Their cuteness is still too hard to handle. In fact, we think, the larger the dog, the more there is to love. And even though they are huge AF, we know for a fact that they are little babies from their hearts. There are still many more to go through before you pick favorites, jbtw. So keep scrolling and keep enjoying!

26. Bone-appetit.

Via JohnRush32

Bone can sit on my lap all day, everyday.

27. But where is the hoomans face?!

Via JerBear_2008

That’s a good illusion.

28. He doesn’t seem to care much for the hug…


He is like; Must. Resist. The. Love.

29. Guard mode = on.

Via buddyGG

Is this the cutest thing or what?!

30. Never gonna not be in your lap, hooman.

Via BettyAndTheJets20

Is that a doggie or a very beautiful rug.

31. When all your babies need attention at the same time.

Via lionzion

Dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do. Carry them all at once.

32. This is almost as big as her hooman lady.

Via samskyemclaughlin

Merry Christmas, indeed.

33. When you’re as beautiful as this polar bear dog,

Via Matteo1234568

You are bound to become a showpiece.

34. This doggo is double her size!

Via Akschmalz

Either that, or the hooman is extremely tiny.

35. Dad dog.

Via mkunnari

With a dad bod. Or maybe those are the abs…

36. This girl is practically on her tippie toes…

Via doctor_drugdealer

This doggo could eat me and I wouldn’t even mind.

37. A dog, a girl, and a bear.

Via little.monty.mammoth

The perfect trio.

38. Is there a hooman in this picture?

Via Yolandi1312

I don’t know, it’s kinda hard to tell.

39. Nothing but smiles.

Via mbake

This warms our hearts!

40. Pretty sure if I was standing on this counter, it would seem bigger.

Via Seanannigans14

This doggo, on the other hand, just makes it seem smaller.

41. Another way of sitting;

Via lord_senpaai

Don’t know if I should adore the way he’s sitting or just be weirded out.

42. We are not happy!

Via deohio

But, why though. How could someone be so angry in the presence of a beautiful doggo?!

43. The biggest baby ever.

Via digdilem

We wish, so badly, that we could cuddle with this doggo as well.

44. Growing old together!


The kinda life we all should hope for.

45. Definitely would not be scared if I ran into him in the woods.

Via samanthaboring


46. When nobody likes taking pictures but you can’t live without getting papped.

Via Binky182

Such a beautiful smile!

47. Must protect hooman from the sun.

Via sharkyboyo564

I’m just doing a protecc hooman.

48. An actual beast.

Via nsfwdreamer

That furr! <3

49. When the front post doesn’t fit in the camera,

Via nadineweston

So, you gotta improvise.

50. Cow-dog.

Via Bern-turnSanders


Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of this wholesome show of beautifully large doggos. But, don’t be sad because we will come up with more of these in no time! Until then, why don’t you let us know which one of these was your favorite in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family members who love doggos just as much as we do.


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