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12 Comics Showing How Much Of An Adventure Life Becomes With The Inclusion Of A Pet

Animals have the magical powers to fill all voids in a human’s heart.

Animals are a blessing of God to humans. God knew humans are going to make a huge mess out of the leisure we would be given, just look at COVID for instance. Things got ruined and we are in trouble. With all the stresses accumulating, God knew this would happen and hence he put animals in our lives. Animals are so pure, and once that inseparable bond forms between the human and his/her pet, life change all of a sudden. A tough task but the outcome is so attractive, you give it your all to make this relationship a sucess


From coming from work to an empty house to being greeted by your dog every day, to always waking up to the sight of your dog, a life fully becomes an adventure once you have an animal in your house.

Let’s look at some comics illustrated to showcase this relationship.

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1. When you realize you are getting old and there isn’t much excitement left to enjoy, getting a doggo can certainly get you up and provide happy moments.

2. Basic life gets turned upside down when you have a dog at the house.

Everything is a toy that animal, so no matter how expensive or cheap that accessory is, if the dog finds it play worthy, it is theirs to destroy.


3. Ain’t no body going to the gym all by themselves, the doggos love to walk and your gym plan won’t be distorted either.

It is a win win situation for both.


4. Sleeping alone can sometimes get depressing but who needs a girl when you can adopt a doggo.

When you have a companion sleeping next to you, you get this sense of protection and that’s what these animals provide you with.


5. Watching movies alone can sometimes get boring and you often sleep in the middle, but no that will never happen when you have a companion constantly bothering.

A wholesome experience.


6. Think of it this way, when you turn to your right while driving and see a happy face adoring your existence, you will feel like the happiest person on this planet.


This is just beyond adorable. Animals provide us with so much and one can only be too grateful about it. It is impossible to thank them for what they do for us. I love animals and I think I won’t be wrong to say, we do not deserve them.

Let’s look at some more comics.

7. Those depressing walks in the rain suddenly get exciting when you have a little pup with you, you help each other out.


8. After an extremely tiring session at work, when you are greeted by your dock, all that exhaustion runs away.


9. Well dogs are a complete package and that includes their love for the outdoors, so beware because that lawn is going to get destroyed.

They do it so cutely that you cannot get angry at them.


10. No more Bar-B-Q’ing all by yourself when you can have a dog standing there fully excited for the food to be ready.


11. And yes, those morning yogas won’t ever be the same because of the obvious reason you can see down below.

Toys are life for dogs.

12. Make sure to keep the shoes on the top most rack because they do not waste time in stealing the shoes.

They are professional shoe thieves.


I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Who wants a dog real bad after viewing this?


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