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20 Times Pet Owners Failed To Recognize Their Pets After A Session With The Groomer

Pets look like something right out of this world when they pay a visit to their groomers.

There is no doubt that animals are one of, if not the most adorable, cutest, and wholesome creatures to grace the face of this planet. They are absolutely perfect, I mean sure god spent an extra minute while brewing the animal formula. And when these animals become a part of your life through the process of adoption, trust me that rusty, boring life changes forever. All that excitement that these pets bring in with them, gets transferred into their owners. And they require nothing but love and affection in return.


And don’t even get me started on how beautiful they are. Just like the way humans require grooming, haircuts, shower, manicures, and pedicures, the pets require that too. They have sessions with the groomer every 3 to 6 months depending on the breed and what comes out basically steals your breath away. Often when owners drop their pets at the groomer’s shop, upon returning to pick their baby up they forget which one was there because the transformation literally blows their mind. They turn out so gorgeous and majestic, you wish you’d brag about your pet to the whole world. But often, the case can go the other way and that is all I will say about it.

Let’s look at some of these pet trims that made their owners think twice before taking the right pet home.

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1. This little one got groomed today. The heart on the body looks so cute.

© ellacanary67 / Twitter

2. “Went to the groomers and asked for The Moe. My pup now looks like the 5th Stooge. “Why I oughta pound you!” *nyuk*nyuk*nyuk*”


© CouchPotatoNYC / Reddit

3. Looks like the doggo failed to deliver the instructions to the groomer, something even humans fail at.


© lumixod / Reddit

4. “My dad’s been a vet for 30 years. Because of that, he thinks he’s qualified to do grooming. I feel bad for her.”


© racheiss / Twitter

5. “Groomers are all closed and the dog needs a trim!”


Awe, poor thing. Your day will come.

© SunnieNguyen / Reddit

6. “Well, I did tell the groomer to “take about half off””


© davidmeyrowitz / Reddit

7. Not the best of haircuts, but at least the owners can finally see the face of their baby.

I wonder how he used to avoid obstacles previously.


© fjammi_boi / Reddit

8. “My mom, who has never had any training, thought she could trim the cat.”

Just for the sake of caring, can we say this is a good haircut? Absolutely not.


© Jubilixx / Twitter

9. “I picked my dog up from the groomers and busted out laughing.” Looks like Mufasa if he was a dwarf.


© phoriaa / Reddit

10. Yo I rate that, they probably never knew what a cutie had been hiding under all that hair.


© mimi_x99x / Reddit

Okay, I will not lie to you guys. I have a lot of mixed emotions firing through my nervous system. What is wrong with some of these groomers, they have got it all wrong. The poor animal doesn’t even knows it but when it happens to huamsn, oof all hell breaks loose.

11. It was a disaster of trim and you can tell by the facial expressions of that cat.

© Kalba1 / Reddit

12. I cannot believe this dog has a mohawk. I have seen everything and can now die in peace.


© Marleymdw / Reddit

13. This guy is not happy about that haircut, you can tell it. He is upset and has already planned revenge against his owners.

© haseycayes / Reddit

14. When the haircut isn’t complete and you regret all decisions without waiting for the final product.

It is a process and you have to be very patient about it.


© CorgiRawr / Reddit

15. You know in the movies, that guy who gets all the ladies for all the wrong reasons. That guy has this exact same hairstyle.

© dog_rates / Twitter

16. Who the heck trained all these groomers?


© curlyshea / Reddit

17. Just go away human, I don’t want to talk about it.

© thelightishred1 / Reddit

18. It’s like the doggo had never showered or gotten a haircut in its life.


© MasterZPD / Reddit

19. Looking sharp my guy.

© Mr-McSwiggin / Reddit

20. Just an unhappy experience all around.


© Lyd_Euh / Reddit

What do you guys think of these accidents and wonders? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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