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22 Animal Moms Sum Up What Motherhood Is All About

Parents are God’s greatest creation. Without them, our lives would be incomplete. And just like humans, four-legged mamas have a heart full of unconditional love. No matter if they have to adopt a new puppy, or care for their newborn pups, these furry mama’s never failed to show their affection and love to them. Aww-dorable! Everywhere you look, you’ll find love. That’s how beautiful these lovely creatures are!


We know how much you care about these little ones and how much you love them. Looking at them and the love they give out arises a feeling of positivity in our hearts, hence, we’ve put together a collection of images that are sure to bring a tear to your eye and that will make you “Awww”.

Grab a nice cup of coffee and settle down for a few minutes to take a glimpse of these adorable images. Scroll down to check it out!

1. Expectation vs Reality. 

Via  Capsai-Sins / Reddit© frret / Reddit

2. When you suddenly realize you are a parent now, and that you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again.

Via  LeSanch / Imgur

“My cat recently had kittens, her face is priceless.”

3. One of the best things you will see on the internet today.

Via blksome / Reddit

“We’ve invited the mother inside and made a comfortable place for her to care for her newborn kitten. She seems very happy here.

4. Look at those expressions!

Via knoiz1 / Reddit

5. Adorable Black Copycats!!

Via  royaljosh / Reddit

“Daughter and mother, 19 and 20”

6. Aww!! My heart is screaming after reading this fact.

Via  Owlatmydoor / Reddit

“The protective shells of a baby Pangolin are very soft when they are young, so the mothers curl around their bodies to protect them. ♥”

7. Hey furry baby, meet your stepmother.

Via  Majopa08 / Reddit

“My cat brought this kitten to my house a few days ago, and now they look like mother and daughter. I’m totally in love with them <3.”

8. It seems like they just had a fight and they are not talking to each other.

Via  Browndog888 / Reddit

 “Mother & pup Dachshund, Doxie, Weiner, Sausage, or Hot Dog. Cute as heck…”

9. Adorable!

Via rudra7133 / Reddit

“This scene of mother and daughter made my day! ♥️ They are both Gir cattle, mostly found in Gujarat, India.”

10. My friend’s feline requested to take these kittens home with her.

Via Fluffy-Designer / Reddit

“Bea had 2 kittens after wandering up to me at a colony and asking me to take her home. The other 3 were found next to a pool and surrendered to my vet. She loves them all equally and they are growing fast!”

11. This is the most adorable way to feed the baby.

Via eliteprephistory / Reddit

 “Mom and baby in my backyard —excellent picture of meal time. Great job!”

If you have a pet and they have their tiny babies, then you know how good it feels. It’s one of the most incredible feelings in the world to see your pet be a good parent to their children. No matter what, none of these four-legged babies fail to meet the requirements for being the best parents. They know how to care for their tiny pups.

12. Oh God! My heart is crying right now.

Via Luc85 / Reddit

 “Meet the new mother of 9 little baby cows!”

13. Sleeping by your mother is one of the most lovely feelings you can have, no matter how old you are.

Via -Master102- / Reddit
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14. Hey Deer

Via 30lb / Reddit

“Mother and baby deer outside my window”

15. The cutest bodyguard.

Via  lookslikechewbacca / Reddit

“A mother protecting her children”

16. Meet my furry mama!

Via  Ladystech915 / Reddit

 “Found a kitten that we named Wonton at 3 weeks old. My dog, Polly, immediately took over the mothering role. They’re inseparable.”

17. Here’s what you do, raise your left foot first.

Via b12ftw / Reddit

“This is how we do it.”

18. A Goat Baby With A Mama Lama!

Via BountifulBotanicals / Reddit

 “My goat lost her mother when she was young and our llama has taken over as her surrogate mother, cuddling with her every night, and always keeping an eye on her.”

19. She actually gave birth to herself.

Via Heizilina / Imgur

20. Being a parent means having restless nights for the rest of your life.

Via Unknown / Reddit

“Yup, not gonna get any sleep tonight either…

21. Mama needs a nap!!

Via  eliteprephistory / Reddit

“Momma loves you, but she also needs to take a wee little nap.”\

22. No doubt.

Via  FloralRoseX / Reddit

“She’s the best mom.”

Do you have a pet who is also a wonderful parent? If so, share your pet photos in the comments section below as we would love to see them. Also, don’t forget to share these aww-dorable images with your pet-loving friends to brighten their day.


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