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17 Work From Home Employees Show Who The Real Boss Is In This Form Of Work

Working from home and having a pet doesn’t really go too well together.

Working from home has now become a new normal. This used to be a concept used very rarely in the past for workers who used to live very far away from office space and were allowed to work remotely from home but this didn’t apply to all businesses and still doesn’t. But now after the COVID pandemic hit us back in 2019, things have changed forever. Working from home sort of was enforced on all organizations for survival because physical work was literally life-threatening. Some organizations decided to lay off their workers because working from home didn’t work with their business model while others resorted to this new model of remote working because it worked for them and it helped employees feel safe and the job security was there too.

The thing about working from home is that the flexibility levels slightly increase. Most of them follow a method called FlexTime where you have to complete your daily work hours whenever you can within the 24 hours of the day, which allows workers to rest, have some leisure time, and then manage work time accordingly.

Speaking of leisure time, people who had pet animals at home, refer to this work from home experience as something very different. The thing is, those animals are not used to their owners being home all day long. They usually see their parent off in the morning and wait all day long for them to return so they can finally hug, play, talk about what happened throughout the day, and eat together. When your animal sees you are not going to work, they automatically assume you are not going to work at all and all that time is going to be utilized to play with and give attention to them.

Today we are going to look at images shared by some Reddit users which show how leadership changes when you work from home. Your pet basically becomes your boss.

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1. Rivers couldn’t contain himself after they announced work from home.

Via ozarkarchitect / Reddit

2. “Working from home. Best coworkers ever! But not very engaged.”


Via NoSpamiam / Reddit

3. “Working from home and my boss is constantly looking over my shoulder.”


Via themysterytapir / Reddit

4. “The joys of working from home”


Via jackivorhirst3 / Reddit

5. Dad, as per the contract when you are within the premises of this house you are not allowed to work and only allowed to play with me.


Via madder-red94 / Reddit

6. “I told Taco I’d be working from home this week… this conflicts with his nap schedule.”


Via snorealex / Reddit

7. “Working from home”


Via Spartylicious / Imgur

8. “Loving my new officemate now that I’m working from home!”


Via ThnkWthPrtls / Imgur

9. “I think he found out that other dog parents are working from home.”


Via Suddenlypenguins / Imgur

This is so cute. They all seriously look over the moo. When you don’t have to wait 9 hours for your favorite person to come back home in order to play and hug for the rest of the day, you are bound to be the happiest in the world. These animals deserve nothing but love so I am kind of happy these institutions went for a ‘work from home policy. The policy helps the companies stay productive and helps the pets stay happy.

10. “Your boss when you are working from home for the first time”


Via Koren8707 / Imgur

11. “I think my cat is not happy I’m working from home.”

Via SoJokeLifter / Imgur

12. “I’m working from home and my new colleague is pretty cute.”


Via OryxTheJimmy / Imgur

13. Working from home with a cat at home.

Via Tasslehoff___ / Reddit

14. “Helios is working from home with me.”


Via Ceruleanhollow / Imgur

15. “Took Nancy’s LinkedIn profile pic while working from home this week.”

Via Theycallmemidnightwildfire / Imgur

16. “Working from home has just gotten increasingly more difficult.”


Via SaintBuckeye / Reddit

17. “Still being closely supervised while working from home.”

Via Tientchik / Imgur

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Looks like these pets were all having the time of their lives after knowing their owners won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. At least someone got a benefit out of this virus.

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