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18 Animals Who Were Getting Bored In The House So They Took Things To Another Level

You can’t leave your pets unattended; they will always make a mess.

Pets are unexpectedly innocent and you have no idea when they would turn into a devil. It literally takes them 5 seconds to turn into a devil. Leave them alone for just 5 seconds, return home and you will find something new. The puzzle you have been making for the whole week is destroyed in 5 seconds. The new wall that you just got made is ruined in 5 seconds. And, it takes just 5 seconds to spoil your freshly made sandwich or the coffee. And, they feel no shame for being the worst trouble makers. You can’t punish them or teach them a lesson. All you can do is ask, why pets, why? Why would you do this to me? Today, we have compiled a list of 18 adorable animals who were getting bored in the house so they took things into their hands. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. When they are having fun exploding the wall but you catch them red-handedly:

© kokonananya / Twitter

2. “Only my cat waits for his Dr to come in like this… nosey boy”


© BreeHill15 / Reddit

Who would not wait for the doctor like this when the doctor is handsome AF?

3. Take the drill out and let us fit in:


© kokonananya / Twitter

4. When you cat has a plan to make your coffee tastier:


© ExtensiveNegligence / Reddit

5. “I don’t know what his hopes and dreams were, but he’s definitely given up on them.”


© pollypooter / Reddit

That’s how you lay after failing one exam.

6. When you leave your cat for 5 seconds:


© JoeTheBobWithAnEar / Reddit

7. “I busted the theif who’s been stealing my suet cakes”


© ericlathrop / Reddit

Oh, I thought you left these suet cakes for me.

8. “He dragged it off the holder and carried it to his favorite spot”


It’s his new pillow and he loves rolling on it.

9. “Head-bump loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame!”


© Siyfion / Reddit

When a cat head-bumps you, it means he/she loves you a lot. Animals love their hoomans. No matter how mischievous they are, at the end of the day, they return to their humans for love and affection. These little balls of fluff would steal your food, sit on your head, give you attitude and would demand your attention. Love your pets because no one can love you as much as they do. This is not it. Scroll down for more!

10. “I was laying on my bed browsing reddit when suddenly..”


© FelledWolf / Reddit

This new cushion feels comfy.

11. “My cat is very serious about his boundaries”

© vanavucuvudu / Reddit

When the cat is serious about social distancing.

12. We have a new plant in our garden.


© Bookestina / Reddit

“Should I put water on it?”

13. “I’ve altered your signal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

© WavyGlass / Reddit

14. “He’s slowly pushing it all off the table while pretending to sleep.”


© Benisar / Reddit

Mom, I didn’t do it. I was just sleeping.

15. “Just came home to this and I don’t even own chickens”

© KwickScopez420 / Reddit

Chickens: We love your garden, human!

16. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”


© slg9311 / Reddit

Mom, you should have not locked the door.

17. Pass out wherever you land.

© slg9311 / Reddit

18. “Was excited the birds were eating the bread I’d been leaving them…”


© Unknown / Reddit

Is your pet a trouble maker? Does he/she give you a hard time? Share your pet’s photos with us in the comments section down below!


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