18 Animals Who Saw And Conquered People Who Came To Their Shelter

These animals conquered the hearts of these people.

Animal shelters all over the world are being crowded with animals. This is both happy and a piece of sad news. Happy in a way that all the abandoned, lost, and stray animals are finally rescued and they get to live at a secure place where they slowly regain confidence and redevelop their trust in humanity, get healthy, and are finally ready to live with a family at their forever homes. An amazing cause. But the sad part for me is the existence of these shelters. Why do people abandon their animals? Had every human lived peacefully with animals from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been any strays or abandoned animals and hence, we wouldn’t require any shelter but almost 4.5 animals come to these shelters every single year.

One amazing solution to this problem of overcrowded shelters is adoption. Some heroes of the world just don’t want the animals to live a life in a kennel, they want to provide those animals with a forever home and an elite life that they had already deserved. And is only a matter of seconds in which that connection is formed.

Here are 18 examples of people who came into animal shelters and left with an animal as their owner. These are wholesome.

Scroll down below to enjoy this wholesomeness.

1. “He’s ours! After bouncing from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue…he finally found his forever home.”

Via jamesroberts7777 / Reddit

2. “Went to the shelter to look at dogs but they didn’t have any there. Now I have a new forever friend.”


Via bmoneyyy9 / Reddit

3. “I rescued a cat in 2020 that had been at the shelter for 11 years. They were worried she would be antisocial and not able to adapt to home after spending such a long time in a cage.”


Via Cactuscanoe / Reddit

4. “I swear, she hasn’t stopped smiling since we picked her up from the shelter 3 days ago.”


Via WrinklyDog1 / Reddit

5. “Coming home from the dog shelter with this girl!”


Via lukileczo / Reddit

6. “This was the moment I met my dog at the shelter — I named him Dog.”


Via DankerPuppet / Reddit

7. “After months on the shelter waitlist, today I got to bring home little Theodora!”


Via snoogiebee / Reddit

8. “I adopted this 25-pound cat. He’s awesome and loves me very much if you can’t tell.”


Via LateNightLosers420 / Reddit

9. “In under a month, she went from being scared of everyone to sleeping with a smile on her face while cuddling.”


Via its420honeybun / Reddit

To be honest, after viewing this post and going through all these stories, I have a really strong urge to adopt a pet animal. But you shouldn’t take such a decision before doing all your research because adoption is a huge responsibility.

Let’ enjoy some more adoption strikes as love at first sight happened between owners and their pets.

10. “We try to tell Cooper Knox we’ll ’be back soon,’ but then we just end up taking him with us.”


Via MuriloGomes8 / Reddit

11. “This is why I love adopting. The bond is undeniable.”

Via Mariajosegirl / Reddit

12. “Picking up Sophie from the animal shelter — showing her mom where to sign!”


Via screaming_avacado / Reddit

13. “Rescuing is an amazing feeling and just knowing you’re giving a dog a second chance at a happy life is amazing.”

Via Malcolm_X_Machina / Reddit

14. “Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!”


Via wutnow2019 / Reddit

15. “Adopted my handsome cat 14 years ago, to the day, on my eighteenth birthday.”

Via Malcolm_X_Machina / Reddit

16. “My rescue dog feels safe upon my shoulders.”


Via arvhult / Reddit

17. “Still getting used to us but can already feel the happiness he has from being loved!”

Via tamsieto / Reddit

18. “This is my 14-year-old adopted cat, Vonnie. He had been in a cage for months and now he’s my best friend.”


Via shaaane92 / Reddit

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Which animal would you adopt if you haven’t adopted yet?


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