18 Animals Who Thought They Were Humans

You slowly turn into who you live with.

Behavior is a very interesting thing. They shift based on the environment we live in. If a waiter treats you like a king at a restaurant,  you would treat that waiter like your prince. And if your bank delays a very important payment of yours,  you will feel infuriated and wouldn’t treat them in a very good way. Of course,  there are other factors that impact behavior, for example,  a harsh,  sunny day really drains you out and you tend to reach your saturation point quicker than normal. And when the weather is nice and breezy,  your patience levels increase and you feel happy.

Behavioral changes also occur when we live with someone for a long time and this is the main point of discussion today. Anyone boy who had 3 or 4 sisters would know how they would always dress him like a girl,  he would play with dolls,  and would generally replicate the behavior of those girls. The same happens with pets. When pets spend too much time with their humans,  they start acting the same way. And that results in very hilarious and funny moments.

Today we have compiled some images of pet cats and dogs behaving like their humans.

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1. On his way to Manchester, this pup was spotted sleeping like a human on the train.


Via LaylaMil / Reddit

2. He is training his dog to use the iPad. What culture is this?


Via oyvindjs / Imgur

3. I have never seen a cat act more human-like while taking a bath.


Cutie has its own bath with all the products and everything.

Via jaymae77 / Reddit

4. They put a plastic wrap on the floor and he doesn’t know how to sit on it.


Via Ryachaz / Reddit

5. Don’t mind me. I’m just passing by. But I wouldn’t mind stopping and starting a friendship with you.


Via thatirishguy0 / Reddit

6. Why is this dog sitting the way old people sit in a sona?


Via Super_Drewper / Reddit

7. Guys,  we have found a grumpy pup. We shall make Earl famous.

Via kookilyflash / Reddit

8. She woke up with a binky in her mouth. Such a baby!


Via Akussa / Reddit

It looks like humans have a very significant impact on their pets. It feels so weird to see them behave and act like humans. But this isn’t the weird we know. This is weird coupled with hilarity. The images are very funny. Our pet animals just keep on providing and we absolutely love that.

Let’s enjoy some more images of animals acting like humans. Scroll down to continue!

9. I think this is how this cat’s human sits on the chair.

Via Santa_Justina / Reddit

10. Doggo looking fresh while commuting to the office early in the morning.


Via Harryism / Reddit

11. Sometimes you just have to take the midnight train on your own to get the job done.

Via GallowBoob / Reddit

12. They did something extremely suspicious,  you can tell by their faces.


Via tammyrich / Reddit

13. I once posed for a picture in this exact same way. What is happening?

Via ZitroneKopf / Reddit

14. He lost his dog energy for a second there when he heard “selfie”.


Via PM-ME-YOUR-***-GIRL / Reddit

15. This dog sitting like a human is making me feel awkward.

Via benne070 / Reddit

16. What’s up girl? My place or yours?


Via exhaqi / Reddit

17. This cat was seen sleeping like a human after it went through a surgery.

Via LaurenShapiro / Imgur

18. This 15-year-old boy is deaf. He was caught stealing snacks one day. He thought he was being quiet about it but he had no idea how much noise he was making.


Via surfrock66 / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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