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18 Times Animals Made Big Mistakes And Now Regret Them Bitterly

Whenever you see scratched furniture, chewed clippers, torn hairbands, or shredded papers, you know who’s the culprit. They are the ones who are always guilty of doing mistakes and at times they appear to be so innocent that we have no choice but to admire them despite their blunders – obviously, they are our fluffballs.

Pets are innocent creatures. No matter how many mistakes they make, they always learn something out of it. Our fluffy companions do not regret it. These dogs will not realize that eating leftover pizza is a mistake; they will just perceive it as a treat and find delight in it, just as cats will not realize that scratching a furniture is a bad thing. Anyways, these innocent companions are unable to conceal their evidence, and even if they attempt to hide their blunders, the proof is quite obvious. They will hide themselves under the bed or behind the sofa once you have found their mistakes, that makes us want to give them lots of hugs and kisses.

So, keep scrolling down to have a look at these innocent creatures who are now guilty of making mistakes!

1. “Meow, let me in, hooman”

Via  thinkadinky / reddit

“Not impressed!”

2. “That was not what I expected”

Via DryGordon / imgur

“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

3. Someone is regretting his decision…

Via mensrea26 / reddit

“He’d been trying to get on top of the door for weeks! He has finally achieved his goal… ish.”

4. I was just sitting on this sofa, promise!

Via Instagram

“I’ve done nothing wrong, I was just playing.”

5. That silence after creating a mess.

Via  elliepetunia / reddit

“Mom, I didn’t hear you come in.”

6. “Don’t move doggo, he can’t see you”

Via  JoshyPooPoolovesYou / reddit

“Nope, haven’t seen him all day.”

7. Why are you laughing, man? Take me out from here…

Via Instagram

“Hopper vs Chair”

8. Naughty kitty!

Via catsofclowder / reddit

“This stinker managed to get her paws on a croissant and then promptly stuck it in my slipper.”

9. The way this man is gripping his collar is so hilarious.

Via SolomonCleft / reddit

“There was going to be some leftover birthday pizza until Ellie intervened.”

10. Stop capturing me and let me play!

Via Instagram

“Why would you hang a fabric octopus in front of the doors if I’m not supposed to play with it?”

11. Well, it was Cliff’s toy. It’s his choice how to play with it.

Via BeGood981 / reddit

“Cliff deeply regrets destroying his birthday present in under 15 mins… Happy Birthday, Cliff!”

12. “Are you saying something, girl?”

Via unknown / reddit

“I can never get a nice picture of them all together.”

13. This cat knows how to handle the danger like a boss.

ViaPinsNneedles / reddit

“I wonder if my cat realizes he’s about fall to his demise.”

14. Looks like this old man is stuck somewhere…

Via Instagram

“Mom… help!! I don’t know how to climb down now.”

15. “Don’t you dare touch this box again”

Via  elizabeth_clairex / reddit

“My cat knocked over my cereal box because SHE’S on a diet and not me… jerk.”

16. Someone please help this poor soul!

Via SaintFrost / reddit

“My dog was very distressed about this.”

17. It’s okay baby, it’s okay!

Via M_NICK_JONEZ / reddit

“This good boy is also guilty boy.”

18. Oops! this kitty did something wrong…

Via © unknown / imgur

“Mistakes were made.”

Do you own a pet who is guilty of the mistakes? Let us know in the comments area below!


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