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15 Wholesome Pics That Show That All Animals Need Is Love

Feelings, love, and emotions! These three simple words are easily understandable, but the most difficult and sensitive things in this world. This entire universe is made of these elements that make this place beautiful to live in.


If you think that only humans on this earth have feelings and emotions, then you might be mistaken. Because that’s not the case. Even our four-legged babies and colorful creatures that live beneath the surface of the water want affection and love. Just as we do, they have the same feelings. Like us, they are experiencing the same range of emotions. They can sense happiness and sadness in the same way that humans do. So, what exactly is the difference between humans and these creatures?

We have the ability to express our emotions in whatever way we choose and to describe our sentiments. We may also communicate our emotions, including happiness, grief, and joy, with our loved ones. But, on the other side, these small adorable creatures have a unique way of expressing their feelings for one another. They only look at you or smile at you, and that’s enough for them! Because their one innocent smile is enough to convey the warmth of their love, affection, and respect that they have for us.

Anyways, these adorable creatures at times require our attention, and for that, they just ask for it. Check out, how these animals are asking for little attention by just scrolling down!

1. This girl’s happiness says it all!

Via StayceCardona / imgur

2. Both equally deserve respect and love!

Via  oshadasupun / reddit

3. These hummingbirds are just hanging out together and having a good time.

Via Pirate_Redbeard / reddit

“You’re a Disney princess now.”

4. “Wake up man and pet me”

Via JACKPOTCHAN / reddit

This cow reached out to this man who was enjoying the sunbath.

5. We’ll need to follow this hero. Take care of these fluffy creatures in scorching summers.

Via ImaginingDragon / reddit

“This guy giving a thirsty raptor some water.”

6. This pig is just being dramatic.

Via  lnfinity / reddit

“Esther wants to cuddle next to her dad.”

7. Attention Seeker!

Via gonegirl6 / reddit

“Me when I finally get the attention I deserve.”

8. This sea seal deserves love and all attention.

Via Bidkan / reddit

9. Isn’t this Duck adorable? They wag their tails when they feel happy.

Via chantillylace9 / reddit

“My rescued duck, Petunia, greeting me after a long day at work! She’s the best girl and so happy to see me!”

10. Aw! This adorable kitten loves to cuddle.

Via NuwanCR2 / reddit

11. Here’s a tiny trumpet baby!

Via  KZdrenka / reddit

12. “Hey Hooman, gimme a high-five first!”

Via  kashluk / reddit

13. Someone is poking for a lil attention!

Via MakeYourMarks / reddit
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14. This picture is a bonus for all of you, and it’s enough to bring smiles to your faces.

Via  ImaginingDragon / reddit

Which picture made you smile the most? Let us know in the comments area below!


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