13 Hilarious And Adorable Cats That Will Make You Smile

Cats have superpowers.

They can turn anybody’s day upside down. If you are feeling low, feel like you have no purpose in life, your cat will make sure you have a purpose and make you get up in the morning. Cats are adorable. Everything about them is cute. When they play around doing their shenanigans and breaking things, they still look adorable while doing it. Even if they destroy your entire house, you just can’t stay mad at them when they give you “the look.” What look, you ask? The one that Puss in Boots gave to Shrek right before attacking him. That scene was actually pretty accurate because a cat will love you and scratch your face off at the same time. But one thing is for sure, your cat will always have your back and love you unconditionally. You can’t really say that about humans because humans are too self-centred. Everybody needs a cat in their life, and if you do not have one, the internet will help you out. Scroll down below to see some hilarious and adorable cats that will definitely make you smile:

1. “Kitten rescued from car engine. Any name suggestions?”


2. “Cancer Free and Fierce”



3. “My neighbor put this kitten in a bush…”



4. “The first day I adopted this abandoned kitty and 48 days later.”



5. “My grandma sent me this of her cats so I’m just bringing it over here”



6. “Raise your hand if you love autumn in the mountains”



Did you smile yet? Or had a good laugh? If not, don’t worry. Cats just can not fail. They will not rest till they have cheered you up. We still have more cats to show you, so keep scrolling down below.

7. “Mittens.”


8. “I think the kitten I rescued last night owns me now!”


9. “My gray lady. She’s 21 years old.”


10. “This is Dave”



11. “Happy birthday Damien! 21 years old today.”

12. “Out of curiosity, why does my cat prefer to sit on my boyfriend’s chest and never sits on mine? (I’m the one who feeds her)”


13. “My boyfriend and I recently adopted this big boy. He’s 2!”


It was a mission for these cats to make you smile. Did they succeed? Let us know in the comments below.


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