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18 Wholesome Photos That Prove Animals Are Good At Showing Emotions

Who says animals do not have feelings?

Some would say animals do not feel the way humans do but the ones who live with animals every day know well that animals have deepest feelings and they do not shy away from expressing their emotions. Our furry friends know when to feel happy, sad, angry, depressed or excited. Even, they are good at understanding their hooman’s emotions. If you are sad or depressed, they would come to you to make you feel better. If you are not well, they would make sure to comfort you. Pets are the best healers. If your boyfriend has broken up with you, no need to worry, your pets will make you feel better and would not let you cry over him. Today, we have 18 heartwarming photos that will show you the emotions of our furry friends. We are sure, these photos are going to bring a smile to your face. Scroll down and have fun!


1. “My cat insists I hold his paw while he sleeps on my lap. Never once has he scratched me.”

© ryanechols / reddit

When your cat trusts you more than anything.

2. They grew up together.


© goldlyon / imgur

Friends for life.

3. “She usually naps on my neck where I can’t see. I finally got to see her smiling and relaxed this morning.”


© JanelleDrinksWater / reddit

What’s better than watching your beautiful bird sleeping?

4. Meet Kaine, the happy boy!


That’s how he gets happy when you tell him you are taking him for a walk.

5. Come human, let me give you a hug!


© WeeklyPlane6 / reddit

6. “My coworker at home isn’t adhering to the social distancing requirements.”


© tly0225 / reddit

Working from home is not an easy thing.

7. “A week ago we decided Glenn needed a little brother. I think we were right.”



Seems like the little brother needed an elder brother.

8. “Woke up to a break up text this morning. My rats can tell I’m sad and are giving me the best cuddles.”


© christa_loves_koji / reddit

Your pets know how to make you feel better.

9. “The nurses let Henry see Nona for Christmas and he spent the entire day on her lap”


© decapitatedwalrus / reddit

Cats are affectionate and the best healers anyone can get. From holding your finger while sleeping to comforting you when you are sick, we can say pets are full of love. they know how to love and how to be loved. They make a special place in our hearts with the little things that they do. We love how confident are they at displaying their emotions. Scroll down to see more pets.

10. “This happens every time I get audibly frustrated. He’s a therapy dog at heart.”


© TheZenScientist / reddit

Relax, hooman, I am here for you.

11. Meet the wet and angry Shiba Inu.

© Beardedbrah85 / reddit

His face tells how disappointed he is!

12. You, me and this view!


© henrythecoloradodog/ Instagram

13. These lovebirds sleep together:

Advertisement by UDM

© mantaraych / reddit

14. “He always wants to give us love at the wrong time!”


© RexxLife / imgur

He would love you when you are busy with something else.

15. “6 hours + 9 puppies = 1 tired Mama. Our sweet first time mama and her babies”

© McAngel8 / reddit

One tired mama knows how to keep her babies warm.

16. “Faithful little desk buddy”


© commonvanilla / reddit

Mom, I am up until you finish your work.

17. “I’m a walker — every time I drop him back off, he stands there and makes it impossible for me to leave him.”

© escape_photo / reddit

Hooman, don’t leave me alone.

18. “Meet Chinzilla(the black one) and Winston (white one) <3 They’re both male and love to cuddle like this!”


© TooManyKeysInALock / reddit

Chinzilla and Winston make the best pair. Do you own a pet? Is your pet good at expressing emotions? If you have any photos of your pets, do share them with us! We would love to see your pet!!


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