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17 Times People Took Their Dogs To The Groomer And Came Back With A Completely Different Animal

New haircut, new me.

Sometimes we feel the sudden urge to get a new haircut. It is either after a breakup or when we want to start a new life, a new haircut always helps. Well, it works for our furry friends too. Who does not like a fluffy and furry dog? They look adorable and snuggable but if their hair grows too long, they start getting tangled and it’s a sign that now is the perfect time to take your doggo to the groomer. Long hair hides their faces, eyes and beauty but a good grooming session can bring their beauty back. Dogs look so different under the coat. Once you will take them to the groomer, you will return with a brand new doggo. Today, we have 17 people who took their dogs to the groomer and came back with a completely new dog. Scroll down if you are ready to browse through some of the beautiful doggo transformations.

1. Pomeranian grooming in teddy bear style

© 슈앤트리 SHU AND TREE / youtube

2. Took a puppy to the groomer, came back with a big dog.


© Pacman327 / reddit

3. “It’s 32°C degrees (90°F) outside, so my dog, One-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer.”


© Kushaja / reddit

When it is hot outside, take your dog to the groomer.

4. “Every time Luna gets a haircut I feel like I have the wrong dog.”


© ilovemaplesyrups / reddit

Why does Luna look so angry? Babe, you look great.

5. “A clean chonker is a happy chonker”


© ancienteuphoria / reddit

Look at the overweight puppy.

6. Mojito turned out to be a beautiful dog:


© pawhubgrooming/ Instagram

7. It took 5 hours to make this pupper look like a 9-month-old Bernadoodle.


© garbagepilequeen / reddit

8. “First haircut. Is this still my dog?”


© Jacomab / reddit

Who knew he would be so thin under the coat? He might look different, but trust us, it is the same dog but an updated version of your old doggo. We believe dogs look happy after getting a good haircut. A fresh haircut makes them look young, fresh, energetic and happy. We love these transformations, Scroll down for more.

9. “I love this sweet old man, it’s been some time since he’s been in and I’m so pleased to see his cute grumpy face.”


© bigkatt_ / reddit

Dog owners should groom their dogs very often so we can see their cute faces.

10. “Sophie is crazy cute no matter what cut she gets, but I finally got to poodle her today! 18 months and has never had her feet/face shaved, but she was a total champ. I rarely get poodle cut requests, so I love the practice.”


© somesweedishtrees / reddit

Sophie looks so cool with a shaved face.

11. “Back to grooming after a year hiatus! Not nearly as beautiful as some of the other grooms here but Bentley was so cute (and matted)”

© chaoticwhitegirl95 / reddit

Bentley turned into a cute teddy bear.

12. Yorkie’s beautiful transformation:


© Lorwo / reddit

13. “My puppy Otis got his first haircut. I’m not sure they gave me back the same dog.”

© alanblah / reddit

Seems like your puppy has been replaced.

14. “From being chewbacca, to becoming a dog again!”


© Lorwo / reddit

What a beautiful, little girl! She has shinier and silkier hair than most girls.

15. “My dog before and after a haircut”

The transformation after a breakup.

16. Looks like the groomer has stretched this dog:


© TuffEnoughMom / reddit

17. “Worked on the cutest little Pom! “

© tpavy / reddit

He looks so happy after getting his haircut done. Love the tongue out!! How often do you take your fluffy doggo to the groomer? Share your dog’s before and after haircut photos with us! We would love to see your doggo’s transformation.


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