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33 “Evil Looking” Animals That Could Be Perfect Movie Villains

Angry and villian-looking animal snaps from all across the internet that might make your day uneasy.

Animals are a great creation of God. Having them as a pet is such a wholesome and entertaining creature, they keep on doing these adorable things that make you love them even more. Having a cat as your pet is like having a package full of entertainment. Their wholesomeness and adorability make your day. However, sometimes, they can be so evil that you can not absorb them. They can get mad at something and make such villainous faces, you yourself get terrified what did just happen to them? they can be mean, scary and angry at times.


I know that you all would have been waiting for some adorable cats and dogs to brighten up your day. But unfortunately, this was not possible today. we wanted to do something different. For this reason, we have collected an enormous collection of angry-looking animals, including cats dogs, and who are mad at the world for their own reasons. But what if they were horrifying villains actually? It would have been hard for all of us, in that case. If you are an animal lover, this post is definitely for you as you will get laughter as well as nightmares after seeing these crazy angry animals. Jokes apart, scroll down till the end to observe some truly interesting content.

1. This is not a villain of any famous movie, this is a black cat who got something white on her face

via: © teddy-bear-the1st / reddit

2. Look at this cute little chick, even his angriness is cute, I love it


© Snilefisken / reddit

3. Sphynx cats in the night becomes a nightmare, I must say


© Glasgow351 / imgur

4. This chameleon is coming to kill you, get ready and pace yourself!


via: © tkmj75 / reddit

5. A movie character in her typical attire


via: © garekii / reddit

6. Perfect moment to get the evil in the camera, look at his eye color, straight from hell


via: © Blackaddeer / imgur

7. This cat looks like she is coming to hunt someone, there is terror in her eyes you all must see


via: © glacierchaser / imgur

8. “When you’re trying to summon the devil, but you end up summoning something more evil.”


via: © illDoYourSister / reddit

9. When the cow gets angry, it’s nothing that can stop you from getting beaten by her. It’s time. So better run away


via:© splat-blam / reddit

10. Unable to understand how these creatures can be speedy and surprising at times


via: © sophielola_ / reddit

11. “This is one evil looking gecko…” When you just thought geckos can never be scary or evil by any chance

via: © nandro / reddit



13. Two villainous and horrific looking dogs found together to double their terror

via: © lolligaggins / imgur

14. His name is Albert. He is known for his anger. He looks like he is about to punish you in these very pictures.


via: © pompous.albert/ Instagram

15. Little evil looking from the box, planning her next murder, beware of your surroundings!

via: © stupidfathobbit20 / imgur

16. When you thought rabbit were known for innocence and cuteness, you were wrong


via: © Beepboobbeep / imgur

17. Could you imagine this little packet of cuteness could express such anger? What does she want?

via: © tommyommy / imgur

18. When zooming in the intensity of her anger your realize it’s a problem..


via: © 1Voice1Life / reddit

Are you tired of scrolling yet? We hope not, as these animals are actually funny and cute to look at instead of being scary. Keep scrolling till the end as there’s more.

19. When the owl is cute but is angry and impulsive. He basically do not want to stay wise

via: © Locaha / imgur

20. Whatever is this animal, I did not expect its face to be like this, it scary and creepy as well


via: © spaceboy42 / reddit

21. Ever seen a dog stand like a human and make such horrifically grumpy face? No, right. Same

via: © Cheesydude / reddit

22. Looks like the cat is imitating what the little camp looks like


via: © maraudersrie / imgur

23. The villain of the movie after he burns everything down to the ground

via: © sellingspams / reddit

24. “I wanted to sleep more. Why did you wake me up? I am lazy and dizzy.”

via: © Grumpupthepup / imgur

25. This hairy, furry, angry-looking cat is surely one of a kind, remains angry almost all the time

via: © imsozzy / imgur

26. Cute little furry white kitty cannot always stay innocent, she can be angry and grumpy at times, just like this

via: © sucobe / reddit

27. When your doggo opens your mouth and makes this face you are embarrassed to show to anyone


via: © ELSmitz / reddit

28. When gets pose their ears like this, they are definitely angry and are about to do something really problematic. Beware

via: © domirose / imgur

29. Ever seen a fish with a worried face like this? I guess you haven’t. Well now you see one


via: © LoganTurk / reddit

30. When you want to say back off but do not have a language and say it by face

via: © Felfriast / reddit

31. This one is definitely the most evil-looking cat I have ever seen

via: © jamaalonit / reddit

32. “I am coming to get you, my evil mode has been turned on, get yourself together”


via: © Theguywhocomplainssometimes / imgur

33. Can you see any difference in the facial features, I cannot.

via: © onyxscorpion22 / reddit© realgrumpycat / instagram

I must tell you, these were the best animal stories I have seen so far. It’s because we rarely see animals with such angry-looking faces. We often associate them with cuteness and adorability. But they can be angry too as they have emotions and want to express it. I could not control my laughter on some of the cute ones though. It’s funny how animals can be weirdly witty and entertaining. I guess, this is what makes them special. So far, did you enjoy these angry animal snaps that we presented to you? Do you think they can villains? Tell us which cat or doggo you like the best? Also, does your pet also does such weird things, if it does, share with us in the comment section below. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comments. Stay tuned in for more fun content.


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