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20 Truths About Having A Cat That All Cat Owners Should Accept

If you have a cat in your home then you must be prepared to laugh, and smile every time because you never know what stunt your cat is gonna pull now. Cats are full of energy that’s why they are always up to something. They are quite unpredictable nobody knows what their next move can be. Well, we have to agree that cats have made our life brighter and happy.

While living with cats we have to accept some truths and sometimes they can be quite hilarious. For example, your sink is not gonna be your sink anymore it’s a comfortable bed for them. And the list goes on. Here at Defused, we have collected 20 truths that all cat owners have to accept anyway. What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end.

1. Your sink is no more a sink it’s a comfortable bed or a sofa for your cat

2. A fact that nobody can ignore cats are the bosses in the house not doggos

3. “Mischief” will take on a whole new meaning whenever felines are involved.


4. Taking selfies can be quite hectic sometimes, a harsh truth that we all have to accept

5. Forget providing post-meal snacks to your cat and get ready to be murdered

6. Cats and their weird obsession with keyboards, if you have a cat in your house then computers are not for working they are heat pads for your cat.

7. Sometimes you just have to let them think about their cat life struggles

8. There is nothing more sacred than a cat’s “Stare Out The Window” time. Whatever you do – DO NOT DISTURB!

9. A box will always be the best gift rather than an expensive toy, look at the happiness on this cat’s face

10. There is nothing more comfier than a box

11. Never disturb your cat while sleeping and it’s usually an all-day activity

12. We are sure that cat owners can relate to this

13. Truth number 13, if you have opened the fridge it means it’s an open invitation for your cat

14. When things that are completely nonsensical begin to happen.

15. This is totally accurate, what do you think?

16. If you have a cat, throw the alarm out.

17. There are some things that we won’t understand unless we are cats

18. If you have a cat and you want to buy something aesthetic for your home, you will have to think twice

19. Lint rollers are life-changing.

20. Most important of all, we will never ever find a more entertaining little companion

Cats are amazing there’s no doubt about that. Imagine what would it be like if there would be no more cats? It would be quite boring right? Who would entertain us all day long? We are actually blessed to have them. No matter how much derp they can be or how many shoes they ruin, we will love them with all our hearts. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Stay tuned with Defused, for more fun content. Thank You!.



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