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15 Pets That Were Destined To Be Adopted By Their Owners

Ever adopted any animal? If yes, isn’t it an amazing feeling? When you adopt any fluffy baby, you get mixed feelings of happiness, emotions of responsibility for these small animals, feelings of fulfillment, sentiments of the warmth of love, and feelings of accomplishment for rescuing someone. To sum it up all, these feelings can not be explained and there are no words to adequately convey how you feel.


What could be more rewarding than taking care of animals who have been abandoned by their previous owners or who have lived a difficult life on the streets without the availability of food or shelter? We appreciate the people who have always chosen to adopt or provide great care to these animals. These animals, without a doubt, deserve to be cherished and admired because of the unwavering dedication and love with which they always shower us.

Want to check out some beautiful adoption stories? Then just keep scrolling down to have a peek at these wonderful heartwarming images of adopted animals that are sure enough to brighten up your day!

1. Adopting pets from animal shelters is way better than anything else.

Via ChristopherBridges/imgur

“A few weeks ago, I went to the animal shelter and rescued this beautiful boy instead of getting a Corgi from a breeder. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

2. Aren’t these newly adopted furries adorable?

Via DontKillTheChicken/imgur

“I went to the animal shelter. They got in the car. Now we live together.”

3. This couple adopted this doggo while attending a funeral.

Via AmandaFrueh/reddit

“My boyfriend and I went to Florida for a family funeral. We found this guy at his Grandma’s house. Guess who got themselves a new dog…”

4. Cats always choose their owners!

Via aalambis/reddit

“I went to volunteer at the animal shelter and this little guy wouldn’t leave me alone, so I brought him home.”

5. Someone needs a new bed after adopting three dogs.

Via  Amandixfaith/reddit

“I started volunteering at the animal shelter and went from one dog to 3. Now I guess I need a new bed for myself.”

6. It’s so satisfying to see a bunny get adopted.

Via SCP1155/pikabu

“I went to buy new shoes. Got him, as well.”

7. Adopting a kitty by accident can be awesome at times.

Via CaptnHuffnStuff/reddit

“We accidentally adopted another one.”

8. This doggo reminded me of the movie 101 Dalmatian!

Via rexxxmanning/reddit

“We went to get some food for our dog. This little girl met us outside and it was love at first sight. So now we have one more pet.”

9. This little rescued baby seemed to be so comfortable in her new place.

Via Bob_Tapia/reddit

“I heard this baby crying outside. She was wearing a collar but I couldn’t find her owners anywhere. Now she lives with me and wears a bell so she won’t get lost again.”

10. This feline appears to have been waiting for a new family to take her to a new home.

Via  jw9364/reddit

“I went to an animal shelter to look at dogs and saw these sad eyes looking at me. I came home with an unexpected friend.”

11. This couple adopted two black cats; both missing an eye!

Via the_resist_stance/reddit

“My girlfriend and I have a black kitten with one eye. Last weekend we saw another black kitten at the animal shelter who looked exactly like him, only he was missing the other eye. We adopted him right away.”

12. Hey kitty, welcome to your new home.

Via  PsstBehindYou/imgur

“Look what accidentally followed me home from the animal shelter…”

13. Love this newly adopted kitty’s mustache.

Via CommandPrompted/reddit
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“My friend went to the animal shelter to look at cats. She said she was just going to look…”

14. After losing his beloved pet, this person got a new canine companion.


“When my dog passed away, the whole family was sure we would only get a black and curly dog. 4 years later, we got him…”

15. This adopted bunny is so freaking aww-dor-able!

Via webbuster/pikabu

“I went to a pet shop to buy a fish. This is Fish.”

Here’s a Bonus Tip!

You can buy a whole animal shelter at once if you can’t decide on which breed to adopt.

That’s right. Danielle Eden went ahead and did the same. When she went to one particular animal shelter, she was surprised to see that all of the dogs were in poor health and required medical attention. The woman couldn’t decide on just one puppy to save, so she opted to save them all. She purchased the entire shelter, which contained 250 dogs.

Danielle is a founder of the animal rescue center Dog Tales in the province of Ontario, Canada. She has a passion for helping animals in need. Considering that she has always attempted to save animals from all around the world, her family was not surprised by her decision. Dogs were moved from Israel to Canada, resulting in scores of canines beginning a new life in their new home.

Via  Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary/facebook
Via Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary/facebook
Via Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary/facebook

Have you ever owned or adopted a pet? If so, why not share your pet adoption stories with us in the comments section below because we would love to hear them from you.


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