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20 Times Dogs Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

Dogs don’t really do anything unusual but often forget who they are.

If you ever see a dog being really unusual, it is not really trying to be unusual, it is just having a lot of fun. And that’s how humans are as well, whenever you see a human looking like he or she is malfunctioning, they are not, they are just having a lot of fun. You can’t really ever tell what is going on in a dog’s head because they often look like they are having some seriously deep thoughts that could vary from thinking of ruling the world to sitting on and licking the world’s largest bone. And there are times when dogs tend to forget who they really are. See when you think about dogs, you associate some quality features like bravery, loyalty, seriousness, sanity. And when you see the absence of these features from a dog, it really makes you think whether this dog actually is a dog or what?

Today we are going to look at some pictures of dogs that will prove to you that these dogs have forgotten who they are and probably believe they are something else.

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1. When you drink one too many and all the dog in you goes right out of the window.

2. Okay, Mom I will pose for the selfie but don’t post it on the internet, I don’t want the other dogs to see me like this.

I have never seen a dog sit and pose like this on someone’s lap. He looks so cute and excited.


3. Looks like he has been living with a car lately and the cat has successfully transferred the germs.


4. My bones hurt after looking at this.

I just saw a boneless dog and my life is now complete.


5. Save this moment because you will never see a freakin dog parenting little kitties. Cute and surprising.


6. You would expect him to be the most energetic out of them all but here he is, clumsy as a floofy cat.


7. What guilty would he have committed to hide his face in such a way?


He is just embarrassing the dog community.

8. Call me gamer boi one more time and I’m going to bark right through you, the dog screams angrily to his opponent in the game “Dognite”.


9. You have to be really hurt to go sit in the pigeons, this is so not dog behavior.


10. No, I like it in here and I am not coming out…please.


These pictures are both playing with our heads at the same time. Anyone who is into dogs or owns dogs would know this is not how dogs normally behave. What do you guys think about these malfunctioning creatures?

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11. When you’re sleeping and suddenly hear Mom saying “Dinner’s ready!”

12. The face you make when parents cancel the plans for dinner and set up a visit to the vet.

Life never changed so quickly.


13. I have never seen dogs communicate like this, what is up with them.

14. When you’re trying to do something that you don’t want others to know and they suddenly walk in on you.


Trying its best to act cool but absolutely failing at it.

15. Who broke his heart? Or him?

16. This is giving me all sorts of weird feelings, how do I unsee this picture.

So awkward, stop being a human.


17. Oh my god why are they all sitting in this super weird position ahh!

18. Ah, it smells so divine that my dog soul just left me.


19. When your batteries go out all of a sudden.

20. Is he pleading to somebody?


I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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