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17 Of The Adorable Animals Whose Charisma Will Lighten Up Your Life

Animals have something magical in them that makes our days brighter.

Some days we sit and think if these adorable animals have come straight from a magical world. What is it in them that makes our days brighter and our moods better? We assume it’s their charisma that attracts us, that brings sparkle to our dull and boring lives. You come back home all tired and look at your puppy or cat and that one sight is enough to bring a smile to your face. Today we have made a collection of 17 times the adorable animals’ charisma added sparkle into their humans’ lives. Scroll down and have fun!


1. A few seconds before this little kitty fell off.

© sagittariusstar/Reddit

2. Meet Dave, the baby hedgehog.


© kadanw71/Reddit

3. The tiniest turtle we have ever seen.


© themoonrulz/Reddit

4. We have saved this little guy from a cat.


© Daxter117/Reddit

5. Sassy girl posing for the camera.


© LastManOnMo/Reddit

6. “The reason why ancient Egyptians worshipped cats”.


© shizzleurtizzle/Reddit

7. Meet Sarah, who likes to put her foot in her mouth while she is sleeping.


© SeekerSpock32/Reddit

8. How can someone look this cute while they are sleeping?


© nosferatu95/Reddit

We look awful while sleeping and just have a look at these doggos. They are effortlessly beautiful. No makeup on, no hairdos and everything looks on point. Wish we were animals and could escape the drama of looking pretty for society and just enjoy our life to the fullest. We love animals and the fact that they are lucky to live stress-free lives. Scroll down below to watch more of the beautiful animals whose cuteness will melt your heart.

9. The cutest and the dorkiest.


© Mollionaire/Reddit

10. When you don’t get enough attention from your human.


© HennaJes/Reddit

11. A happy family of multi-colored labs.

© DisgruntledPlebian/Reddit

12. Found a baby rabbit in the lawn.


© TheDESTROYER976/Reddit

13. We can’t resist this much cuteness.

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© peach_avalanche/Reddit

14. Some animals are this tiny and they are the prettiest when they grow up.


© pigmons_balloon/Reddit

15. Just adopted these two kittens and looks like they would never let me leave the house ever.


16. Meet James, my pet rat enjoying cake.


© ocarbot666/Reddit

17. A million-dollar smile looks like this.

© Sufficient-Chance-24/Reddit

Her eyes are shining brighter than a diamond. Is not it enough to make your day better? Can you resist a beautiful furry face resting on your thigh and looking straight into your eyes? We don’t know about you but at least we can not resist. These animals are irresistibly cute and they bring true joy to our lives. Has your pet ever made your day better? Tell us in the comments below!


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