20 Very Big Dogs That Refused To Be Anything But Lapdogs

Now I want a big doggo.

Dogs are babies. No matter how big they get or how small they are, they will always be babies. They’re not just loyal but they’re very cuddly and affectionate too. They love to share pretty much all of their time with their owner or people they’re familiar with. The bigger they get, the fluffier and close to their human parents they get and one can only fall in love with their doggo more and more every passing second. Who doesn’t want a doggo? They’re warm and really friendly. When they feel lonely, they come and sit on your lap and that is where today’s article comes in.


Today we bring you 20 dogs that are in so much love with their owners that they forgot they were really big doggos but instead, they sat and cuddled their human parents as if they were small puppies.

1.“This is Ben, a really good boi who thinks he’s a lap dog.”

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2. “Our big boy refuses to accept outgrown lap-dog status.”


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3. “Da beast”


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4. “My husband and I were sitting on the floor talking when…”


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5. “Is your dog a big lap dog?”


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6. “Me and my 1-year and 4-month-old puppy Thor.”


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7. “My 125 lb lapdog”


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8. “Personal space? Sorry, never heard of it.”


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9. “In his mind he is a lap dog.”


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Having fun going through this list. These doggos are nothing short of being the cutest big babies. Who wouldn’t want a big doggo like any of these after seeing this list? This just tells us that how prominent a dogs love is for its owner. They feel the safest around their owners and they’d only react like this if it wasn’t for these beautiful people to give a good life to these big boys. Scroll down below for even more lapdogs.

10. “If Sage fits, Sage sits.”


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11. “We can all relate…”

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12. “80 lb lap dog. She apparently needed a hug.”


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13. “My big girl loves to cuddle up on the couch.”

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14. “I’m just gonna sit right here ok?”


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15. “They BOTH sat on me.”

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16. “Frank doesn’t believe that he’s not a lap dog.”


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17. “Duke, my 120 lb lap dog”

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18. “Lap hound”


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19. “What do you mean I’m not a lap dog?”

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20. “My boy Watson, head of security, 160 lbs”


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And with that we conclude this article, Let us know in the comment section below that which one’s out of all of these big lapdogs were your favourite picks? We’re sure some of you might even go and adopt your own big doggo’s after venturing through these big puppies.


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