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15 Animals With An Attitude Ruled The Internet

When we humans have a vast variety of emotions and feelings that we express in different ways, why can’t animals? We as pet owners, love our pets more than anything, we accept them the way they are which includes all their flaws, and cuteness combined together in a furball. We spend time with them and create a certain level of understanding which goes a long way.


Keeping all the cuteness aside, we should also be aware that they can take a u-turn in seconds to turn into the most mischievous-sassy-evil-looking derps. They can turn into pristine creatures with a major quirky attitude and they are certainly not willing to negotiate. Their evil-driven instincts awaken and we often are forced into questioning as to whether they are the same loving fur buddies or not.

If you’re unaware of what we are talking about, which we are sure you aren’t, let us show you instead! Scroll down and check out these animals with an attitude bigger than anything else we can ever imagine;

1. The amount of love and attachment that it takes to get a tattoo of your paw-buddy.

Via © veramazing / Reddit

“My cat is not impressed but I am!”

2. That is the grumpy me being woken up at 6 AM on a Monday.

Via © Azebrasauros / Reddit

“I have an angry-looking goldfish, and it’s adorable.”

3. The terror of this cat will linger.

Via © stoptouchingmeelmo_ / Reddit

“Vet said she needed to take a little off to get rid of a belly mat… Gonna sleep with one eye open…”

4. Imagine having her haunt you in your dreams.

Via © mandino788 / Reddit

“My cat reached a whole new level of evil last night.”

5. There is literally no negotiation when it’s time for food, even if it means you become a monster.

Via © fglockft7yj / Reddit

“My cat’s expression when she sees my food.”

6. This cat will not have any remorse for killing a man for food.

Via © midoosuperfreeze / Reddit

“Caught her planning to stab me for being 15 mins late for wet food.”

Our pets have unique ways to express their attitudes to us in verbal and non-verbal ways. Some terrorize us into enforcing their demands while others are at their best behaviors to sweet-talk humans into getting their way out.

Either way, it is interesting how cats and dogs always surprise us with their actions, if those weren’t enough, here are a couple more:

7. How can someone even bother leaving him alone, he is too cute.

Via © PCSupremacy / Reddit

“Giving attitude for being left alone.”

8. He would only get his manicure and pedicure done from the salon.

Via © Unessse / Reddit

“She always goes like this when I take out the nail clippers.”

9. She surely tried all the possible ways to tear it apart.

Via © Minitrader / Reddit

“Our toilet paper didn’t stand a chance.”

10. The man seems to be handling the attitude well.

Via © furion5906 / Reddit

“This llama gave me as much attitude as you think he would.”

11. If only she gets her paws on to someone to get the person bleeding.

Via © ocarinadiva / Reddit

“My buddy plotting his Cake Day revenge.”

12. This exhibit is one of a kind.

Via © CupidKat / Reddit

“This is my birthday squirrel. You may look but please no touch.”

13. This level of upset deserves a shit tonne of loving too.

Via © itsapandamonium / Reddit
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“My dog sticks his tongue out when he’s upset.”

14. Just give the poor kitty the food she deserves.

Via Twitter

15. Not everyone likes showers so you just stand and contemplate life.

Via © AlqW12 / Reddit

“He hates me.”

I am sure we wouldn’t want to be in the bad books of these animals, or we would have to sleep ensuring all the safety measures beforehand. We can never really judge how empathetic and concerned our buddies are or what their evil potentials might be like. What we do know is that at the end of the day, we accept them with all their flaws and love them even for their attitude. Let us know how you view it in the comments section below.


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