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Internet Is Swooning Over This Cat Cuddling Dad After Surgery

Andrew Falloon’s father went through some extensive surgery and was tired. To recover, he decided to settle down into the couch and take a nap. His wife and son were out running errands of their own, leaving him peacefully home alone.


That is, until a random stray cat walked through the slightly ajar door, looked at the dad, and decided he was in need of cuddles. The cat climbed onto him, laid on his shoulder, put his paws into the dad’s hand and began to silently snooze away.

As you can imagine, this broke the internet overnight.

Andrew said, “Mum arrived home and found them cuddled up together on the couch. She snapped the photo before waking Dad up. He was pretty surprised to find the cat curled up!

This was the tweet that went viral.

via: Andrew Falloon

The reaction was what you would expect.

via: eeebs1

He went to own himself some humans.

via: CalreYFletcher

After all, a cat needs staff.

via: bestevermassage

Traveling Therapy Cat!

via: Dave_Fouchey

Other people reported a similar story.

via: ian_elstub

Andrew’s dad belongs to the cat now.

via: kevdkev77

Andrew further commented, “After Mum sent me the photo I popped it up on Twitter, thinking it might make a few people smile, but I never expected it would go so far. When I went to bed on Sunday night (New Zealand time) it had a couple of thousand views, when I woke up it was in the millions. Now it’s in the tens of millions.

He’s been adopted.

via: ChristiAnne67

You never choose a cat, a cat chooses you.

via: RossMHussey

I wonder if the cat introduces Andrew’s dad as a rescue.

via: Thechachi1

Cats are generally that affectionate, apparently.

via: kittensnotkids

Andrew explained, “He’s from somewhere in the neighborhood. It isn’t the first time he’s turned up to their house, but his first time he’s jumped up on Dad. Apparently, his name is Ziggy and it’s quite common for him to go wandering.

The cat had the right instinct.

via: StaceyGray11

Other people told stories of being chosen by cats.

via: watch_ezilii

An unattended lap? Never.

via: HamishMack

He made himself at home, alright!

via: sfh300

The paw holding was the best part.

via: Chocolaticlaire

To conclude, “Ziggy seems to have adopted my Dad, so I’m not sure if they’ll get another cat. My parents are just happy to have him visit every so often.

This cat comes with a built-in cuddle radar.

via: mavsmum

Neighbourhood cats are the best kind of cats.

via: neo_the_fat_cat

We’ll never know the full capacity of a cat’s mystique.

via: happykiwi_nz

What about you? Have you ever had a random cat encounter?


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