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22 Awesome Designs That Would Transform Any City

No matter where in the world you live, if you reside in a city you know how busy life is. Clocks are often set five minutes ahead of time and every individual is living a scheduled life. People in the cities are usually in a rush to get somewhere. Some are taking a bus/cab, while others have their private vehicles. Life moves fast. In all of this hustle-bustle, it is quite hard to stop and wait for something. Time is money, people prefer to get things done as efficiently and quickly as possible to meet both their official and personal deadlines.


To keep up with everybody’s schedule and the fast-paced city life, the city design plays an important role. City design is a lot more than just the infrastructure. It also includes subtle things like quality of life, how smoothly everyday tasks are conducted, how does a city appear, etc. However, a good design doesn’t mean it has to created from scratch. Any good design can be converted into an excellent design with just the right amount of planning and changes in the current design. We have shortlisted 22 amazing design ideas that will uplift the existing infrastructure of any city around the globe and will provide the comfort city people deserve. Scroll down and take notes.

#1 A crosswalk that glows at night.

Credits:m PDChina

 A smart crosswalk that helps alert drivers and pedestrians during nighttime or bad weather

This would be a great idea, especially for those cities that experience unexpected rainfall and thunderstorms. It gets hard to drive during extreme weather conditions like excessive fog with zero visibility and thunderstorms. This crosswalk design would be of great help during such conditions. Drivers would easily spot the passersby and stop at the crosswalk when its green.

#2 Self-cleaning roads.


Credits: The Korea Blog

Water dispensers prevent the roads from getting dirty

This water dispenser is deployed on the roads in Korea to help keep the roads clean. This is a very innovative idea as it would reduce the workload of sweepers and help keep the city dirt-free and clean. Who doesn’t want to live in a clean place? This would definitely come in handy.

#3 Mini library on the bus.


Credits: Gvanantham

The bus route in my city (Hamburg) has a library in it !!!

This design is an absolute winner! In a world where everyone is engrossed in their smartphones be the one to put down the phone and pick up a book. Sometimes bus rides can be long and boring, especially when you are travelling alone or it’s your daily route to work. Having a small built-in library for the passengers is a great idea. Reading is said to be one of the prominent habits of all successful people in the world and everyone should develop this habit.

#4 A dedicated lane for wirelessly charging electirc cars.


Credits: GOV.UK

Due to increased use of hybrid and electric vehicles England has dedicated off-road trails for vehicles to charge on the go rather than stopping due to low battery. This can be seen on all major highways around England.

#5 To let the kid in you have some fun this mall has a slide installed as an alternative to the escalator.


Credits: Nires

You can take a slide instead of the escalators in this mall in Prague.

Let’s just admit it, no matter how old we get, we want to ride swings and take slides whenever we see them. We’re all just kids at heart. This is such an ingenious idea for the days when that kid inside us desperately wants to take over.

#6 A pop of color can instantly uplift any dull and boring view. These LED benches are fulfilling their purpose just right.


Credits: Buchiro1

Found an LED bench that changes colour over time

#7 An elementary school with designated parking for scooters.


Credits: HookWard

The elementary school in my neighborhood installed this to park scooters.

#8 Umbrella lockers to prevent your umberella from getting stolen


Credits: convivialcor

Umbrella rack has locks and keys to keep your umbrellas safe from thieves

#9 3D floor.

3D art looks amazing and is definitely an attraction for children. When we see one, we are compelled to wait and take a second look to make sure it’s paint. Any boring design can look amazing with it.

#10 Waiting for the bus is no longer boring anymore.


Credits: outroversion

Swing on a bus stop in Russia

#11 Kick back and relax. Just rock and charge.


The solar-powered rocking chair allows you to relax and recharge your electronic devices at the same time.

#12 A bike escalator to save time and energy.

Credits: Isai76

Thanks to a bike escalator in Norway, you never have to struggle cycling up those steep hills again.

#13 Lights that help you detect the availability of the bathroom.


Credits: CatPatronus

There are special lights installed in restrooms that tell you what stalls are available.

#14 Water dispenser for water bottle refills.

Credits: Urbanff

We’d love to have a water bottle refill fountain with a filter like this one available to everyone for free.

#15 Storage space for cyclists so the passengers in the bus can travel in peace.


Credits: Cyclelicious

A train has bike storage so cyclists don’t take up space with their bicycles inside the carriages.

#16 A reminder for you to help you remember where you parked.

Credits: iunj

You’ll never forget what floor you parked on with elevators like this.

#17 Usb charging spots with every seat in the bus. This would be a game changer.


Credits: rfemsbr

#18 Water fountains for dogs and humans.

Credits: MakesLoveToGundams

The fountains in my neighborhood are dog-accessible.

#19 Now every kid will enjoy the ride.


Credits: cuttyranking

There’s a carousel with a sea turtle on the floor so disabled children don’t miss out on the fun.

#20 Park without the risk of getting your car scratched.

Credits: tomoblob

There are soft barriers placed between the parking spots to prevent people from bumping into each other’s cars. Reducing the risk of getting scratched. A brilliant idea indeed.

#21 Keep the kids busy while you sit back and enjoy your bus ride.


Credits: arm4da

A local train installed a special seat for kids to keep them entertained while their parents can enjoy the ride.

#22 Big green hat to beat the heat.

Credits: Victor Vieillard

Giant hats serve as shade for people sitting at this waterfront.

Hope you liked what you saw as much as we did. We think if most big cities start investing some time and money on improving the existing designs and adding a few new features just to make everyday life better for its residents, it will make an overall great impact on the world. More people will be facilitated and would enjoy their time in the city. Altogether the city would be an attraction for foreigners and business which would ultimately result in more revenue being generated.

Let us know about your thoughts on these designs in the comments below and what more you think could be added to this list. Don’t forget to share with others around you for inspiration.


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