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50 Before And After Pictures That Are Incredibly Wholesome That Will Make You Smile

Transformations are always beautiful.

Whether we notice it or not but with every passing second, we are aging. It’s hard to observe this phenomenon of aging with the naked eye but smart phones are surely helping us see those changes we have encountered over time. Smart phones have made it easy to save pictures from years ago and see them after several years when we probably have forgotten those incidents and those places. Thanks to these gadgets, it is these photos that have been helping us see how much we have changed over time or how certain places have changed. It is always fun to see Then and Now pictures on internet and this is why we have made a list of 50 of our favorite Before and After pictures that are incredibly wholesome and we can’t stop looking at them. We are sure you would not too. Before and After pictures help us to travel through the years.

Scroll down and witness how people, animals and places have transformed over time.

1. He treats her the same way he used to treat her before when she was 485 Lbs, now she is 182 Lbs. Love doesn’t see weight or size.

Via: fatgirlfedup

This is what true love looks like.

2. A man from Mumbai cleaned 5 million kgs of trash. He deserves an award.


Via: Justanotheruser1289

3. Couple 25 years later.


Via: Unicornglitteryblood

4. 6 years apart. Incredible drawing skills!!


Via: HolmesDraws

5. So happy to see the before and after pictures of her recovery. She is 19 months clean and has finally started seeing the beauty in life again.


Via: ambernicole456

Hope this beautiful transition inspires so many of you.

6. Before and after she was told how beautiful she is. Cuteness overloaded!!


Via: ArkadiusBear

7. “Before and after my dog realizes I’m in the room”


Via: jhaze

This is a true depiction of siblings’ bond and when mom catches you fighting, you act like no one was fighting here. Mom, we were just playing.

8. Before and after her jaw surgery. Look at how incredibly happy does she look.


Via: sheepsdontcry

9. Self portraits drew at the age of 13 and 23.


Via: Miles__

10. Before and after adoption. Such a beautiful baby.


Via: jtstonge

11. Two different doctors told him he wouldn’t survive to see his 40th. It is his 40th birthday. He was 500 lbs before, now he is 350 lbs.

Via: lesszachmoore

12. This is what adoption can do.


Via: nipdeep

13. 2-years journey of beating Anorexia.

Via: CalorieMuncher

14. “Man cosplays as Picard because of the chemo then next year as Riker after recovering.”


Via: Sumit316

15. What a transformation! We need this everywhere.

Via: cheekypocketwank

16. Before and after one hour of playing.


Via: cyna_moon

17. Frank, before and after adoption.

Via: mayaxs

18. Gray Percheron 5 years apart. They are born black but slowly turn grey. That’s magic.


Via: tbhntr

19. How they first met vs. how they are going.

Via: bape_x_anime

20. Before adoption vs. on the first day of adoption.


Via: goldie0702

21. Before and after one month of adoption.

Via: alinaesther

22. After cutting 11 years of dreads. Can we take a moment and appreciate how handsome does he look?


Via: termitequeen

23. Little baby before and after taking a bath.

Via: bert0ld0

24. What a transformation! It takes years of dedication and hard work for such amazing results.



25. What a 2-years of transformation looks like. Look at that beautiful long neck.

Via: kathleeng1112

We are drooling over these truly amazing transformations. It’s evident from pictures how dedicated and consistent they have been over time to achieve their desired body weight. Not to forget the hard work they must have been putting in to reach their goals. It’s all about goal-setting and maintaining a lifestyle to achieve those goals. Nothing happens overnight, you have to be patient to achieve what you have been longing for. Whenever we see the weight loss or weight gain before and after pictures, they motivate us to keep going.

26. The boot is the same, just the pup has grown up.


Via: vladgrinch

27. Same chair, before and after. That’s some talent!



28. Six-months transformation. Family goals!

Via: xyjesse

29. That’s a rescue kitten, all grown up.


Via: Parkendlydia

30. Recreated the picture 71 years later. Look at the bright smile!

Via: ryanmark01

31. Incredible transformation!

Via: Luciphyr729

32. A beautiful, strong lady before and after beating cancer.


Via: andrewleereal

33. What a sweetheart!

Via: commonvanilla

34. She was rescued off the streets. That’s her after one year.

Via: alinaesther

35. Can’t believe my eyes! Where are all those girls who underestimated this good-looking guy?


Via: oheytyler

36. He posts his weight loss pictures to motivate others. Good job bro!

Via: 3995346

37. After 24 years with great uncle.

Via: IdontSparkle

38. He began his weight loss journey 1 year ago and he is 145 lbs down.


Via: StuTOTHEart

39. Before and after deep cleaning of room after the depression phase.

Via: rachelliyo

40. He helps inspire others with his weight loss journey.

Via: justadopedad

41. Flooring before and after.


Via: Fallinator95

42. He grew his hair for 3 years to donate them to charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

Via: kostilicious42

43. Just a 1 year transformation. This boy grew up so fast.

Via: vladgrinch

44. Dream car restored. Simply incredible!


Via: finallygotmymustang

45. Christmas tree before and after. Looks magical!

Via: M4Strings

46. All it takes is just a few years.

Via: Princess_34

47. Before and after donating his hair.


Via: TuckerFarrow

48. Before and after renovating this kitchen. Fantastic job!

Via: jumbojordie

49. Wearing the same 6xl shirt. From 397lbs to 223 lbs.

Via: salarski76

50. Same restaurant, same people 2 years apart.

Via: aworsh

Before and After pictures always bring a smile to our faces whether it is a house renovation picture or a body transformation or an animal’s transformation picture. We are all motivated after seeing their transformations and now we want to run towards the gym. If you have an inspiring before and after picture, please share it with us. We will be happy to see your beautiful transformation.


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