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34 Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Movie Monsters That’ll Make Them Less Terrifying

Monster movies have a charm of their own. The thrilling plot they stretch along is pretty engaging, keeps the viewer glued to the screen unless it finally finds out who succeeded at the end – the humans or the monsters. There are many monster movies we have been obsessing over from our childhood to date.


Jaws, deep blue sea, king kong, critters, child’s play, the mummy, and the list goes on. Each of these had different monsters whether it’s a shark or a doll, every one of the following set its bar high in creepiness. Hats of to the special effect makeup artists who spend so much time creating some of the finest real-looking spooks to bring about the best of TV films for us.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes of that reels on the TV for us. Here are some of your favorite monsters just randomly chilling around off scenes while shooting. Scroll down and check them out!

1. Critters 3

If this was happening in the actual movie, we’d be freaked out.

2. The sandlot


Doesn’t seem so scary anymore!

3. Jaws


It’s all about heads, lol!

4. Alien


Watch out, he’s right behind you!!

5. Phantasm II


Just a lot of people controlling the monster.

6. A nightmare on the elf street: Freddy’s revenge


7. Creepshow


Look at the details!!!

8. The Birds


I wonder how did they get to gather all those birds?

9. Child’s play


Hey Chucky, I thought you were busy scaring children away

10. Halloween


A drink for the other side of me

11. It

Even they need hair and make-up.

12. The mummy’s curse


Just chilling around my ‘mummy’

13. Frankenstein

Advertisement by UDM

Frank forgot to take his breakfast

14. The black cat


15. The wolfman

Your hair looks a little… too messed up.

16. King Kong vs Godzilla


Never imagines them of such small sizes, they were huge on screen!

17. Revenge of creature

18. The 7th voyage of the Sindbad


Dinosaurs were actually really tiny!

19. The dark knight

Sometimes the movie monsters aren’t that big as they appear on screen, thanks to special effects and shots to make them appear amplified. This requires special techniques and editing to bring them into action in the best way possible. Down below you’ll see how the characters are in real and how much effort does it take to make them your favorite freaky monsters

Godzilla let’s say was at first used as a statue later on a special costume was developed for extra moving effects. King Kong wasn’t a big monkey used in the shooting of the movie, duh! It was also a costume which almost looked real!

20. Godzilla


And there’s a human inside it.

21. E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

22. Howard the duck


What kind of duck is that, though?

23. The Terminator


24. They live

25. Creature from the black lagoon

Fish hands smiling brightly after scaring the whole town away

26. The day earth stood still


27. The Alligator people


Hats off to the people for making such scary costumes.

28. Young Frankenstein

29. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2


And he has a nose!

30. The creature that walks among us

31. X-men

Look at him just smiling like nothing is happening.

32. Labyrinth


33. Godzilla raids again

34. This is the end

And lots of greenscreens.

We hope you enjoyed the spoilers of some of your favorite movie monsters. So now, every time you watch these movies you’ll have glimpses of them having their moments behind the scenes. No matter how creepy do they appear to be, acting skills still take the lead. Each scene shot requires various angles, various locations and so much of the equipment.

Let us know what do you think of these spoiler alerts, will love to hear your comments on each of these! Don’t forget to share these with all the horror-movie-lovers!

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