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10 Of The Most Cursed Objects Ever Created

This post is especially for those who crave stories of paranormal activity. As spooky as they get, regardless of how many nightmares one may get, it is never enough. These stories fill you with curiosity about their authenticity. I mean, if there is such detailed history into each story, they must be true right?


Scroll down and get ready for the creepiest details!

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1. The dybbuk box

Let us introduce you to this haunted dybbuk box. According to Jewish folklore, the dybbuk box is possessed by a wicked and restless spirit that holds the power to haunt any living being. This particular box gained recognition years ago in 2001 through eBay because of the creepy story it held.

Back in September 2001, an antique buyer visited Portland, Oregon. He had to attend an estate sale there. Belongings of a 103-year-old woman were being auctioned, from which the antique buyer chose a wooden wine cabinet. She informed him of the history of this cabinet. She told him that she was the only person from her Jewish family that survived the Nazi concentration camp in World War II. This wooden wine cabinet was out of the three things she bought with her to the United States. She also told how protective her grandmother was about the cabinet. She forbid everyone to open it because she claimed it had evil spirits that could haunt you. To avoid any accident, her grandmother kept the box hidden at all times. Burial of it would have been against Jewish tradition so that was not done either. The buyer sensed deep sentiments and history attached to the cabinet and asked if the granddaughter would like to honor that and keep it, she got extremely distressed and said, “We made a deal! You have to take it!”

After bringing the cabinet with him, he experienced a strange turn of events. His mother instantly got a major stroke when he gifted the wine box to her. While crying madly, she spelled “H-A-T-E G-I-F-T”. He thought the wine box and her mother’s stroke was linked, because he gifted the box to someone else. It got returned. He then gifted it to several more people who kept returning it because they claimed the box had a strange vibe about it. Most important, they mentioned that the box had a malicious spirit to it.

This whole situation got very frustrating, and he realized the box was really possessed by a spirit. He went on the internet to see what he can do about it and fell asleep. When he got up from the sleep, he felt someone’s breath on his neck. He turned to check what it was and saw a dark figure moving down the hall. The next thing he did right away was to upload a post on eBay about this box in hopes, someone would buy it. He also gave all the details about the box, its history, and his experience with it.

This box now belongs to Jason Haxton, curator of the medical museum in Missouri. This dybbuk box also has a book written on it by Jason Haxton, which gained attention. Later in 2012, a movie was adapted from this story about the dybbuk box called The possession.

2. Busby’s Stoop Chair


In 1702, before getting hanged for his crimes, a convicted murder requested to be allowed a meal at his favorite place Thirsk, England. After finishing his food, he got up from his chair and said, “May sudden death come to anyone who dares sit in my chair.”

This chair became a topic of discussion in the pub after this incident. Workers were creeped out and used to dare each other to sit on the chair. The chair was not moved from the pub for centuries. Later during World War II, airmen would usually visit the pub for meals. Then, the people working there realized that whichever soldier sat on the chair, they never returned from the war.

Creepier events happened afterward. Two royal air force pilots were seen seated in the chair on their visit in 1967. Right after they left the pub, their car crashed into a tree.  A mason fell into a hole at his workplace when he sat on the chair earlier in the day, in 1970, just to test his own fate. The situation became more noticeable when people started linking the events. A year later, after the mason died, a roofer was on a roof that collapsed while he was on it. He had sat on the chair earlier that day as well. People working at the pub were not immune to the curse either. A working lady at the pub fell on the chair and it was not long before she got diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away.

A lot of horrific events had piled up, so the owner of the pub decided to remove the chair from the seating area. The chair was shifted to the basement. The curse on the chair got proved again when a delivery man went to the basement to unload some packages. He sat on the chair for a while and later died in a car accident.

This last incident was spooky enough for the owner to finally decide on what should be done about the forsaken chair. In 1972, he finally donated to a museum. The chair now hangs in the air, out of reach of any human. Thankfully, no unfortunate incident has taken place since.

3. “Little Bastard”


James Dean was absolutely smitten with his 1055 Porsche Sypder, which he got customized with a lot of passion. He named his beloved car “Little bastard”. Unfortunately, Dean got very confused when Sir Alec Guinness told him, “If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week”. Sir Alec thought this car was very evil. And he was right, because the next week, he was found dead.

However, the story does not end here. People who came in touch with that, later on, faced horrible consequences too. When the car was getting repaired by the mechanics, it fell on one of them and both his legs were crushed under it. The new owner of the car tried to play smart and sold parts of the car to different people. He sold the engine and its drivetrain to two racers. As expected, both had to face unfortunate accidents. One of them failed to get hold of the car, crashed into a tree, and passed away right at the moment. The second person got severely injured when out of a sudden his car got locked up and flipped. Moreover, two unlucky thieves attempted to steal pieces of the car and got severely injured.

Apparently, there was no escaping from the car’s curse. Because when it got donated to a safety exhibit in California Highway Patrol, the exhibit out of a blue caught fire. There was a kid nearby, who broke his hip after the car fell on him. The car was getting transported through a truck, and the truck driver got crushed and killed by the car. It just didn’t end. Until the car completely vanished and nobody now knows where it is.

4. “The Anguished Man”


For five years, Sean Robinson’s grandmother’s attic was a home for this creepy painting. Later, he got it in inheritance. Robinson always heard creepy things about the painting from his grandmother. He was told of the evilness of this painting and how it was painted with the artist’s own blood combined with paint. The artist was said to have later killed himself after he finished the painting. She also explained the reason why she had locked up the painting in the attic. She claimed to have heard strange howling and crying while the painting was placed on the wall. She also saw a dark big figure in her house. Getting spooked by these incidents, she had a bad feeling about the painting and decided to lock it away in the attic, as far as possible from her.

Robinson took the painting to his house regardless of all the scary things he had heard about it from her grandmother. As it can be predicted, he along with his family members began to experience similar events. They saw the same shadow man and heard crying voices, similar to what Robinson’s grandmother did. His wife felt someone caressing her hair and his son fell down the stairs horribly.

Fully creeped out by this sudden piling up of strange events, he decided to film future events for records. He uploaded the videos on his Youtube channel which show doors banging, the painting dropping from the wall without even being touched, and smoke appearing out of the blue.

Robinson was very shaken by the events but still was not up for selling the cursed painting. He eventually moved the painting into the basement.

Check out the video here;

5. “Robert The Doll”


Back in 1896, “Robert the Doll” was originally in the ownership of Robert Eugene Otto, a kid in Key West, Florida. It was gifted to him by his servant who abhorred Robert’s family and performed black magic. The kid was unaware of the bad intentions of his servant and got very attached to the doll. He would brag about it and be absolutely smitten with it. He would talk to the doll for long periods. Other servants started noticing it as a matter of great concern and also confessed that they heard a ghostly voice responding to the kid when he spoke to it. It gets even creepier! It was reported by the neighbors that they witnessed the doll moving inside the house in everyone’s absence.

It was not long before strange accidents started taking place in presence of the doll. Everyone would suspect the kid for such mischiefs but he swore he did not do any of it. And these accidents were not mild in nature. Vases were getting broken and rooms were found disorderly and in a mess. Robert used to get blamed for all the mess but because he knew he hadn’t done it, he tried to convince everyone it was the Doll’s doings. He knew there was no other explanation.

After inheriting the house, he later passed away in 1972. It was bought by a family who had a little girl with them. While going around corners of the house, the little girl discovered the doll in the attic. She immediately got terrified by the doll and claimed the doll was speaking to her and threatening to kill her. The doll was then shifted to an art museum and a historical museum in Key West. The doll is still placed in the museum and it is famously known that visitors are supposed to request permission before taking a picture of it, otherwise, they will suffer the curse of the doll. For proof, the museum has also displayed letters from past visitors who did not ask for permission and were cursed. Individuals have apologized in these letters to the doll and have requested to be forgiven so the curse can be broken.

6. The wedding dress


The story of this wedding involves heartbreak. In the year 1849, Anna baker, belonging to a wealthy family, fell for a low-class iron man. She was very invested in the relationship and had plans to marry him. To her dismay, her father, Ellis Baker, refused to marry her to this poor man. He was so against the union of the two that he banished the man from their town, which led to the doom of his daughter. Anna was greatly upset by the incident and decide to spend the rest of her alone. She refused to get involved with any other guy. She spent the rest of her life in bitter and deep anger.

Before the final separation of the two lovers caused by Anna’s father, Anna has decided on a wedding dress for her wedding. Eventually, when her wedding got canceled, the dress was worn by a local woman named Elizabeth Dysart. She was very boastful about it. Many years later, the dress was donated to the historical society and they placed it in the Baker mansion after it was turned into a museum. The dress was secured inside a glass box in Anna Baker’s house. After Anna baker passed away, the visitors strangely claim to have seen the dress move on its own. They also add seeing the dress move especially when full moons occurred. When asked what kind of movement, they say the dress swayed here and there, and it felt like it someone was wearing the dress and looking in awe at how the dress looked on her.

No one, even the investigators on the case have found any explanation for why the dress moves on its own. However, people have seemed to come up with something on their own for this story. They predict it, Anna, in the dress and she has taken it into her possession.

7.  The Myrtles Plantation


The Myrtles Plantation is said to be one of the most haunted homes in America as well as in the world. It is located in Louisiana. This house is traced back to 1796 and is said to be built on a Native American burial ground. Later, a rumor spread that 10 murders have taken place in this location, and is a regular home to paranormal activity.

Most reports have been made about the mirror, which has been part of the house since 1980 and is said to be the most haunted piece present there. Visitors have reported having seen in the mirror figures moving around. Some also claimed they saw handprints on the mirror, which seemed to have belonged to a kid. Some claims have been made that few members of the Woodruffs family were poisoned in that house. Custom is usually followed to cover the mirrors to avoid enclosing the spirits, but the mirror was not covered. Due to this reason, it is believed that the spirits of the dead members of the Woodruffs’ family still haunt the mirror.

8. Annabelle


Back in 1970, a mother bought an Ann-style doll from a thrift store and gifted it to her college-going daughter. The daughter, who lived with a roommate, kept the doll in her apartment. Soon after, they noticed unusual events happening around the apartment in the presence of the doll. They saw her placed in another room even when they knew too well that no one had moved her. They found pieces of paper with a kid’s handwriting on it, not belonging to any one of them. They also have something even more convincing of her maliciousness. The doll was found to be standing on another doll, which they deemed impossible because dolls cannot stand on their own.

Creeped out by the series of events, the girls approached a psychic who told them the doll had a spirit of a young girl named “Annabelle” in it who had passed away in their apartment building. Apparently, the doll told them she liked being with those two girls and would want to stay with them. Unfortunately, they let her stay with them. Paranormal activity only increased after her return. A male friend who came over got attacked by the doll and ended up with a chest and torso covered with scratches.

Extremely scared by the events, they both finally contacted the very reliable and known paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They found out that the doll was not possessed by a young girl’s spirit but in fact, a demon. The demon had lied about its identity so they would not abandon it and planned on eventually possessing the girls. The girls finally handed the doll over to the Warrens. The Warrens took the responsibility for it and closed the doll in a glass case placed in their Occult Museum in Connecticut.  The case is even labeled as “Warning: Positively Do Not Open.”

9. “The Hands Resist Him”


The painting above was created by Bill Stoneham and named “The Hands Resist Him”. Back in 2000, the painting was enlisted on eBay by an anonymous seller. The painting is now famous to be one of the most haunted art pieces ever to exist.

Created in 1972, the painting shows a young boy and girl standing in front of a glass door. Through the glass, you can see it is dark behind the kids and several hands are touching the window. Moon is also visible above the kids’ heads. The painting was bought by John Marley, the Hollywood actor. After him, it was purchased by a couple from California. Eventually, someone put it on eBay with a description of the horrible things to occur if someone is in presence of this painting.

It was being reported by the California couple that they noticed things in the painting move at nighttime and sometimes they would disappear as well. The boy would come out of the painting and enter the room it hung in. Anyone who saw the painting later used to get sick and felt weak. Older people sometimes felt hands they could not see grabbing them. Kids would dash away from the painting and feared it. Some people also reported having felt a wave of heat when they were around that painting. Someone also reported that when he tried to print a photo of the painting, it refused to print it, while it followed every other print command.

After a series of events, the painting was taken in by an art gallery located in Grand Rapids, MI. When the artist of the painting was approached and was being told about the paranormal activity, all of it came as news to him. He was shocked to hear of all the reports. However, listening to all of this, he recalled that the two people who had originally taken hold of the painting died within a year.

10. “The Goddess of Death”


Dating back to 3500 B.C, This statue was made out of pure limestone and is actually called “The Women from Lemb” and was nicknamed “The Goddess of Death”. Like a fertility idol, it is taken as a representation of a goddess. It was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cyprus. Lord Elphont was the first owner of the statue. Under strange circumstances, all members of that family died within six years of the statue’s placement in the house.

Similarly, the owners next in possession of the statue also passed away along with their family members just a few later years of the purchase. The two owners were Ivor Manucci and Lord Thompson-Noel. Sir Alan Biverbook, the fourth owner of the item, also died along with his wife and two daughters. Luckily, his two sons survived. These two poor siblings were so traumatized and shocked by the mysterious deaths of their family members in such a short span of time, that they decided to hand over the statue Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. The statue still resides in the Museum.

Unfortunately, even the museum was not a secure place to keep the statue. The chief of that part of the museum where the statues were placed died unexpectedly. Regardless of such convincing proof and incidents, workers at the Museum deny any powers that the statue is suspected to hold. After the chief passed away, no human or worker has come close to or touched the statue. It is placed completely out of reach of people.

I don’t think any of us will be able to sleep without getting nightmares after reading these horrific stories. I will be sleeping with my lights turn on. I don’t think I will even close my eyes tonight. This is too spooky. Let us know below if you come around any more stories on paranormal activity!


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