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50 Funny And Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists You Didn’t See Coming

If you’re a Dark Comics lover, this one is going to be a treat for you!

Anyone with an interest in comics should be familiar with the creative mind of Ryan Hudson. He comes from Salt Lake City, UT, and is the face behind mind-blowing and hilarious adult comics on the webcomic Channelate.


Initially, he showcased his dark humor only through 3-4 panels of comic pictures that presented a short story. With time he became so engrossed in his work and passion for comics, that he built a huge empire on youtube and started posting animated cartoons on his Youtube page. His passion for comics thrived and has now progressed to its peak. Looking into the history of his passion, we discovered what started all this creativity in him. During an interview, he said “When my family first got the internet in like 1998 – 99 I found this flash cartoon site called”. “I knew from when I saw that, that I wanted to make web cartoons, but I literally had no idea how I would go about that. When I first started to post dark humor comics, my webcomic inspirations were The Perry Bible Fellowship, Thingpart, and Cyanide and Happiness,” he continued.

How about we continue the interview throughout the pictures? Because now it’s about time that we look into his work too. Scroll down below and get ready to laugh like a maniac!

Comic credits: Ryan Hudson

1. A request to the bear

2. Ghosts make stupid mistakes too sometimes!


3. Using power for the right reasons!


His dark sense of humor is completely different from his simple drawing style. His sense of humor oozes all the dark that could fit into a comic. It will excite that dark side you possess and have hide when living your mundane life and leave you laughing like hell. The kind of laughter that makes your stomach ache? Yeah, that’s the one. Hudson stated in an interview what inspired him most for his comics,  “I was inspired South Park a ton”. “I look up to Trey Parker and Matt Stone a lot. I had been a huge Simpsons fan as a kid and when South Park first aired, it blew my mind. It was my kind of humor. Something I hadn’t seen anywhere else,” he added.

4. They were right when they said kids do not lie!


5. Hope he doesn’t forget he won. That would be too bad.


His consistent efforts into broadening his horizons and showcasing his talent are an inspiration for everyone to always work hard in what they are good at. “I don’t make my entire living from Channelate, but it has opened a lot of doors. In a lot of ways, the comic has been my demo reel and resume. I’ve worked on some amazing freelance projects that wouldn’t have happened if not for my comic. But it was only a couple of years ago that I partnered up with Chase Suddarth to make Channelate animated.

6. Tales of the Bigfoot



7. Hahaha, the thief got lucky that day


8. Don’t do acid, kids!


9. Wrong moment


10. She was just waiting for an escape!


11. Mishaps

12. Ghost got a taste of its own medicine


It was definitely challenging in some of the technical ways, but the writing and the art were very second nature since it was all the kind of thing I had been doing with the comic. I learned a LOT about making web animation by working for Cyanide and Happiness on the first few seasons of their animated show. After watching their videos for a decade, it was amazing to be able to be working under the hood. It was a lot of on-the-job training that I will be putting to use on my own work forever.” It is always impressive to know when people believe in themselves and did not give up on their undeniable talent. Comics may seem silly to some people, but those who genuinely dig it don’t let such things bother them.

13. At least she tried!

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14. Did not see that coming


15. Smart hiding place. No one should take tips, though!

16. Too many years lost!


17. Freud must be laughing from the hereafter.

18. That realization was due


19. Kids just misunderstood him

20. Damn, father got good comebacks!


21. Even adventures sometimes need some sound planning!

22. How does one forget they can’t walk on their own?


23. Just some adult things

24. Smiles are only for the camera!

25. Wish we all had these powers

26. Game not suitable for kids!


27. Dark comedy be like…


28. Some dates just get very boring, you can’t help it

29. Hide the kids!!



30. That’s why they say to always assume to best in people.

31. Damn..

32. Chose your costumes wisely! It might be your day.


33. Things you experience when you are too invested in your work

34. At least she was telling the truth

Didn’t see that coming!

35. Politeness before anything



36. Hahaha, loving the supporting parents! The dad just can’t have it more

37. Well the wife’s actions are pretty understandable

38. Kids up to no good


39. Way to avoid embarrassment

40. It is always the people you least expect.

41. Magicians in action!


42. Unfortunately, the little buddy would have to face the aftermath

43. You know you have reached adult life when good flooring becomes attractive to you.

44. Haahahaha, Is that what they call maturity, letting people make their own decisions? Love it!


45. Out of all places she could go to!

46. Who on earth loves zombies? Andrew is one of a kind

47. His ex just got lucky!


48. Oops

49. Hahahaa, hope no one saw him! Embarassing

50. Beth must have had a bad day…

Wow, that was a good long run! Even though 50 is a big number, it is hard to not scroll for more. It still feels like we need another fix from Hudson’s comic. It is nice to know that silly situations in your adult life can also be used to create humor! We have all been through similar situations in our adult life and it gets difficult to cope if we don’t find humor in daily mishaps.

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