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26 Really Big Dogs Who Refused To Grow Up And Still Have Puppy Souls

Dogs love to be held by their owners. This way, they feel protected and loved.

Adopt a small puppy and it will grow up in no time. Doggos grow up really fast and after some time you will think how can they grow up so big in such a big time. People will think your doggo is old but they will be surprised to know that he is only 4 months old or 3 months old. The bigger they get, the more they want to be loved. They would start acting like babies and they would want you to treat them like lapdogs and you have no other choice than to treat them the way they want. Today, we have 26 adorable doggos who continue to get bigger day by day and we are sure they will bring a smile to your face. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. Let me hold you, lady.

© DogsAreTheBestestBestBest / imgur

2. “I think this Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world. He worth more than 500k AUD. He is Huge.”


© unknown / imgur

How big and fluffy he is!

3. Meet this 9 month old golden doodle puppy who thinks he is still a lapdog.


© ralph_e_doodle

4. Who needs bodyguards when you have a doggo this big.


© mntvlive12 / reddit

5. Grandma, I want to sit in your lap.


© StrykeRXL1 / reddit

6. Who can provide better emotional support than your loyal furry friend?


© unknown / reddit

7. I am still a baby. Carry me around.


© Nikki Harper / pinterest

8. I am big so I need two humans to carry me.


© parkslopeboy / reddit

9. Mom, smile for the picture.


© thefurnace / reddit

10. “My 80-lb malamute still likes to be held.”


© daltonlaning / reddit

11. Meet Simba. He is 11-month-old, 130-lb.

© Oreos-n-Milk / reddit

12. After returning from the vet:


© Life with dogs

13. I am still a lapdog. I am not using the whole lap, just sitting on one leg.

© imgur

The bigger they get, the cuter they look. We love the way they are getting the love from their humans that they truly deserve. Every animal should do that. Their huge size does not mean they don’t need to be loved or they are enough for themselves, they are still innocent and little babies from inside who deserve to be treated like babies. This is not it. Scroll down for more!

14. You want to work, human? No, you can’t.


15. Meet Hulk, a big boy!

© DarkDynastyK9s / facebook

16. My human is shorter than me.


© a123oclock / reddit

17. Nothing better than sleeping in your human’s lap.

© Calingaladha / reddit

18. The doggo is as big as his human.


© Apintofguiness / reddit

19. “My lapdog and angry chihuahua for scale”

© redgreen93 / reddit

20. A Great Dane trying to fit in her human’s lap:


© Romina2 / reddit

21. When your owner is 6 ft tall but you look bigger than him:

© bigstevek2703 / reddit

22. Too big for piggyback rides:


© Round2_ / reddit

23. “2 months off the race track and my adopted greyhound is still trying to understand what being a lap dog is all about.”

© brittskyy / reddit

24. “Hulk might be the world’s biggest pitbull and he’s still growing!”


© Streams4u / reddit

25. “At least half of me fits.”

© imgur

26. Nap with your buddy at the end of the day.


© Headsock / reddit

Are you a dog owner? What’s the breed of your dog and how big your doggo is? Does your dog act like a lap dog? Comment down to share your thoughts and we would be more than happy if you share your dog photos with us.


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