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23 Hilariously Bizarre Habits Of Cats And Dogs That They Think Are Normal

Did you ever witness any weird habits of your pet?

It takes more than a while to get to know the animals and their weird habits, but it gets easier to observe if you own those animals and they are living with you under the same roof. If you are an owner of a pet, be it a cat or a dog, or any other pet, you must have observed the odd and hilarious behaviours your pet has.

When can you observe the weird habits and odd behaviours of an animal? When they become comfortable and attached enough with you. Just like us, humans would start being ourselves once we are assured that we are comfortable around that person, similarly, animals have the same behavioural patterns and that’s why they keep on surprising us with their jocular habits.

Just in case if you haven’t been able to witness those adorable and weirdest moments of cats and dogs behaving hilariously, now is your chance! We have gathered up a few pictures which are certainly going to brighten up your day and give you a good laugh! Scroll down for the amusement ride

1. “This piece of anatomy is called a ‘floofen’ and it only occurs during high levels of sass.”

2. What? I was just playing into the dandelion field and didn’t ruin it.


Are you SURE you didn’t ruin it?

3. “My cat giving up on being a cat.”


Awww… would you look at that smol baby!

4. “I call it a ’one-pipe problem’, my dear Watson!”


Chewing your own tail? Really?

5. Oh, I thought my paws would fit into it. My bad.


6. I’m just trying to make it up for what I did to the couch.


7. Don’t touch my chin, Karen!


8. We can just order the food and run.


9. “My cats look like they’re in the middle of devising some sort of a plan.”


We are just going on a family trip. Do you mind?

10. I can’t see the TV from here.


11. This place is so comfy, I’ll just take a quick nap.

12. “It’s belly rub time!”


Just do it already!

13. “The look I get when I tell them to quit playing.”

But we are best friends…

14. Hey, can I come with you today?


15. “Our puppy Joey can’t fall asleep unless he is swaddled every night.”

16. “Don’t worry, Mommy. We’ve packed everything you need.”


17. Life has gotten so boring.

18. “My cat at the vet clinic.”


19. This could be my new jacuzzi, no?

20. “We told our dog she couldn’t sleep on the couch.”


That’s fine, I don’t need to sleep ON the couch.

21. But you said you are not taking me to the vet …

22. “He’s been spending too much time with cats.”


23. I’m just gonna hide in here and nobody can ever find me.

And the show comes to an end but we will keep bringing more for you! Can you relate any of them with your pet and which one did you find the weirdest? Let us know into the comments section below.


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