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10+ Broken Cats Who Forgot How To Be A Cat & Need To Be Reset

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Cats are creatures with a lot of pride. You won’t see them submitting to anyone, not even their owners. They will destroy your whole house and give you a smug look after doing it. I think it’s maybe the fact that they were considered Gods at one point in life. They probably never forgot that. However, no matter how tough and heartless they act, their pride is usually washed away when they are up to their usual shenanigans.

They become very goofy in an instant. They’ll forget how to function and then look towards you for help. Some cats malfunction while sitting and give you the funniest poses ever. My cat makes a demonic sound while eating food, I don’t think she knows that she can eat without talking. Whatever the situation is, broken cats are hilarious. Check out these broken cats who forgot how to be a cat and need to be reset:

1. I’m stuck!


2. Help me, please.


3. Just hang in there.


4. Not a smart cat.


5. Are you comfortable?


6. Is he trying to sneeze?


7. Pepper loves acting like a dog.

8. Not sure if that’s the right way to climb a cat tree.


9. Sleepy baby.

10. Defying gravity.


11. That is NOT a cat.

12. She yawned and forgot to put her tongue inside her mouth.


13. Watching TV when he walks in like that…

14. Ninja cat.


15. Aw yiss, catnip!

16. Silly poses.


17. Crazy eyes.

18. Stay calm.


My cat can’t wrap her head around the idea of rain. Every time it rains, she sits at the window and tries to “catch” the droplets on the window. She also has mini heart attacks and jumps 2 feet into the air when I move my foot unexpectedly. Cats are weird.

19. Just carrying my belly around.

DrunkOnSocks / reddit

20. These paws seem familiar.


OysterDoll / reddit

21. He forgot to sit.

DV123 / pikabu

22. Is this the poster of La La Land?


ccchisa76 / twitter

23. “My cat jumped inside a box of catnip and sat there all day long. In the evening, I found him like this.”

Frozen992 / pikabu

24. “I have nowhere cozy to sleep, so I’ll just waste the toilet paper.”


Pogo138 / reddit

25. Picking the wrong battles.

Harper1000 / reddit

26. “My silly but cute cat”


Antharas / pikabu

27. Taking ballet lessons.

Pu-Chi-Mao / reddit

28. “This is Makoli. He’s… different.”


Cajunaggie87 / imgur

29. “I took my indoor cat outside today. I think the grass broke him.”

brewmasterg / imgur

30. “Don’t ask questions. I am a plant now.”


urbinsanity / reddit

31. This is The Lion King, right?

RomeoEdge / imgur

32. “I. Shall. Get. In.”


afmachado / reddit

33. “I came out of the bathroom in a shower cap and she didn’t know who I was.”

kingthirteen / reddit

34. Can’t touch this.


ApeCommando / reddit

35. Just stretching.

icant-chooseone / reddit

36. Warmth.


TheWestLady / reddit

37. Angry kitty.

famicum / reddit

What did you think of these broken kitties? Did they crack you up?


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