18 Animals Being Very Loud And Clear About How They Feel

People try to hide emotions but animals don’t.

Life would have been so incomplete without emotions. Imagine not being able to express you are happy or sad or sarcastic or witty. I don’t know how we would’ve been able to live without emotions so thank god for emotions. One very significant thing about emotions is that humans are naturally very expressive and reactive and it shows through our emotions. But given how easily one can be very emotional, we still tend to hide them in many situations. At times a hurt person would try their level best to hold onto those tears to not show that they are feeling sad just because they don’t want others to know they are emotional. At the same time there are people who express their happiness to the fullest just because they are superstitious that if they show they are openly happy, something bad will happen. And then there is a group of humans who love fully expressive themselves not caring about what anyone else would think and that’s how everyone should be. Don’t hide the only thing that allows you to live your life to the fullest. Animals are very similar to this third sector of humans that I just mentioned.


Animals are extremely innocent and they probably have no idea what superstitions are or that the society is extremely judgemental. They love living life the way they feel is best and are very expressive about their feelings. So much so that their owners don’t have to guess at all how their pets are feeling because their emotions are literally copied from their hearts and pasted right onto their faces.

Today we are going to look at some heart-warming images of animals being extremely emotional and everyone could know what they are feeling because of how open they are about expressing emotions.

Scroll down below for some wholesomeness.

1. It is very clear by those expressions that this cat doesn’t want its human to work, ever.

Via zawakoz / Twitter

2. Frida ate a whole pack of Kraft singles while her owner was in the shower and her expressions show she isn’t too happy about what she did.


Via veroconplatanos / Twitter

3. You only see them make such eyes when they are hungry or they want to play fetch.


Via Eire2020 / Imgur

4. He wasn’t asked “who is the good boy?” that day.


Via RaeElle / Twitter

5. When the covid restrictions are removed and you finally get to play outside for the first time in 2 years.


Via chihirokuroki / Twitter

6. What are you looking at? Mind your own business.


Via Koshkinsk / Twitter

7. “After 2 years, I was able to convince my grandpa to give me his dog that he kept in a cage in the garage. She is very happy.”


Via notorious_nikki / Reddit

8. The cat’s owner was trying to a golden hour picture. That’s when they got hit by this look.


Via cherrypugpie / Twitter

9. Buckley looks very happy on his gotcha day.


Via dog_rates / Twitter

This just goes on to show how innocent pet animals are. They all are so expressive about their emotions which makes them all look so adorable. Like my heart has literally melted right now and we are only halfway there. We really don’t deserve animals.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of animals being very expressive.

10. “She’s happy because she received a belly rub from a butterfly.”


Via dog_rates / Twitter

11. In the mood to lower his human’s productivity levels to zero and hug me levels to 100.

Via NePALibrarian / Reddit

12. Perhaps someone who is not in the cat’s good books entered the house.


Via gatitos_qctd / Twitter

13. It looks like a very important meeting got interrupted.

Via aims2koz / Twitter

14. The cat approves her birthday cake.


Via kamini_bxa / Reddit

15. Two very different personalities in one picture.

Via suplexcitybih / Reddit

16. Tonka looks very shy on his first visit to the park.


Via dog_rates / Twitter

17. I think the cat has successfully plotted an evil task and is now ready to execute it.

Via heltune / Twitter

18. “I smell something tasty in here.”


Via PugsReacts / Twitter

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