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Brother Asks Sister To Move Her Husband’s Service Dog Out Of The House Because It Makes His Daughter Uncomfortable

Service dogs are supposed to stay near who they are serving, at all times.

The reason why someone has a service dog aiding them is that they have a disability so it makes no sense to not have your service dog around you because you may need it at any point in time. The service dogs are well trained for these situations so no one can say you are being unfair to the animal or anything, the fact is no argument can be created against a person who has a service dog.

A service dog’s focus is and should always be on its human and that is why it is advised to never pet a service dog because it is working and no one should be distracted when they are on duty.

In today’s story, OP shares that her husband has a disability and he recently got a service dog to help aid him. Recently OP’s brother along with his family requested to move in because they lost their home. The problem arose when OP’s 14-year-old niece started showing discomfort around the service dog. She didn’t want it near her.

Things got heated when OP’s brother asked OP to move the service dog somewhere else because it made his daughter uncomfortable and the OP’s husband doesn’t really need it. OP, heavily wanting to scream “Who are you decide what happens in my house”, obviously rejected this demand. OP shared the story on the subreddit Am I The A$$hole to know if she was wrong or not for not moving her husband’s service dog away.

What happened next and how it got dealt with is for you guys to read. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Service dogs are supposed to stay near those who they are serving so I don’t think OP had any option, to begin with.

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2. There should be a solid reason for why the niece feels uncomfortable around the service dog because according to OP it is as good as the kindest of humans. Obviously, the request to remove the service dog had to be rejected because her husband cannot operate without it.


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3. An argument erupted between OP and her brother’s family. They wanted the dog out and she wasn’t going to let that happen.


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4. OP’s husband created an option of going to his dad’s so the matters don’t get worse. OP then shared the matter with the AITA community members to know if she did the right thing or not.


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Here’s what the AITA community members had to say and why:

5. Here’s the reason why OP didn’t want her husband to go and stay at his Dad’s house.


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6. The real AH is OP’s father-in-law.


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7. If they are uncomfortable with the dog, they should find another place because it is not going anywhere.


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8. Need triumphs over want. This comment is the best backing to an NTA vote.


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NTA. Who even is this brother to say the service dog has to be removed if OP wants them to stay at her house? They needed the house, OP didn’t invite them, and they requested to move in, and that too temporarily. A guest doesn’t get to decide who out of the family members stays at the house and who doesn’t. The service dog is a family member.

One more thing that bothers me is that they never explained the “uncomfortable” factor to OP. Like what feature, behavioral trait, or attitude of the service dog did the niece not like? If you’re going to keep it that general, I am going to consider it a straight-up lie.

9. No situation will ever result in the dog leaving the house, it has to be the brother and his family.


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10. The whole community wanted the brother and his family to leave the house.


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11. This is the only solution if there was a real issue between the dog and the niece.

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12. The brother and his family may be harmful to the dog if they prolong their stay.


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13. I swear the brother’s family and OP’s FIL would bond pretty well.

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14. It’s the dog’s house. No one can kick it out of its own house.


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15. Service dogs have a job to do. You don’t fire an employee just because your niece doesn’t feel good around him/her.

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16. The right response. OP needs to text her brother this.


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