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Customer Demands “Plain” Omelette, Loses It When It’s Just Eggs

Everyone who works in the service sector has occasionally had to deal with unreasonable client requests. Clueless clients have a virtuoso way of requesting something silly or unattainable, then being outraged after receiving what they want. Examples include loudly demanding exactly a pound of wings and getting fewer wings, or demanding no ice and getting less than that.

It can be quite challenging to avoid being rude to customers, as someone who has worked in the food industry, I can attest. The adage “the customer is always right” is common, yet anyone who has worked in customer service understands that this isn’t always true. There will always be a Karen who believes that you have access to their thoughts or that everything they say is unquestionably true. The moral of the story is to be polite to others and to tip your servers. Be a bright light in the shadows for them because they have to deal with cruel individuals all the time.

1. Here’s how the story starts when a woman comes to OP’s restaurant and orders a regular omelette with no specifications 

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2. As the restaurant did offer several kinds of omelettes, OP was asking the lady if she wanted something special but she kept on insisting she would like a regular plain one

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3. But when the order arrived and the omelette had nothing inside it, the lady got irritated by saying that she needs cheese, hams, and onions, she was adamant enough to not accept that she did not want any fillings 

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4. After she criticized OP for how he didn’t know what omelette include, he told her simply and then walked off to serve other customers, she called the manager later

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5. Absolutely, such thankless people do not do any good deed

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6. Well here’s another similar story by a Redditor if you would like to give it a read 

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7. It was definitely a weird order to make

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8. Another interesting story

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Have you ever been in any such situation? If gou have been, we would like to hear the story in the comment section down below. Your feedback is important to us. Stay tuned for more content.

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